BLOGGING TIPS The Ultimate Blogging Tips Part 3

BLOGGING TIPS - The Ultimate Blogging Tips (Part 3)

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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11. Treat Blogging As Your Hobby

Yea, this is what blogging is all about. Before I get to knew about blogging, I don't even know what blogging is. And I thought all we can write in blogs are just personal matters. But then after I've gone through some very successful blogs, only then I knew that blogs are just not mean for personal life stories. More can be achieve with blogs. Its been few months since I blogged. Now, blogging has become part of my life, I'll write at least one post everyday. Frankly speaking, I likes blogging. It has become one of my hobby. This is what you need to. Love to blog, only then you will blog with enthusiasms. And with your enthusiastic attitude, you will automatically put more effort into your blog. Write more good post and always update your blog.

12. Always Visit Other's Blogs

This is what you can do when you're free. Always visit other people's blogs. Why? When you do this, I'm sure you will eventually come across with great blogs. And you can get more idea from other people's blogs. How they blog, their blog design, their content and etc. Besides that, if you saw a highly trafficked blog, you can then consider to subscribe to their posts. This will be very helpful especially if the blog you subscribe is in the same niche as yours. You can also drop comments on other's blogs. Make more friends in blogsphere. If you drop comments on other's blogs, most of them will reply you back. This is also an alternative way you can increase your traffic.

13. Always Do Stat Tracking

Another important task you need to do is to track your traffic. You must insert some stat counter in your blog to track your blog traffic. Here are two suggestions:StatCounterSiteMeterWhy did you need to know where your traffic come from? Let me give you a brief example. Lets say you check your traffic stat today, and you discover that almost all of your traffic came from goarticles. So what can you do with this information? You can concentrate on writing more articles and submit them to goarticles. This will further boost your traffic. And of course, there are still more features and information you can dig from your traffic stat. This is just one of the example. Know more about your traffic, and you can increase your traffic well.

14. Allow Anyone To Comment

I don't know whether you've allowed anyone to comment in your blog. If you've not done so, please allow anyone to be able to drop comment in your blog now. If you're afraid of people spamming or dropping irritated comments, you can always allow moderation to your comments. You can set this under 'Setting'. I believe you do want people to say about your blog or your posts right.

15. Give Time For Your Blog

This is what most people failed at. They want quick success in just few days, they want to be a Millionaire in a very short time. This is not possible. Although the internet already serve as a very powerful leveraging tool, but there is no instant success. This is what I think. Everything, needs time to develop. And this include your blogs. If your traffic is not high enough, then maybe your blog is still young. However, how much time do you need to have your blog develop, it will depends on how much effort you've pour in. It is always like this, how much time and effort you've put into your blog, you will get back the exact rewards from it. Nothing more nothing less. If you're interest in reading more about this topicBusiness Management Articles, visit Patience Is The Key.

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By  Shawn Lim

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