Blogging Tips How To Make Money Blogging About Things Youre Passionate About

Blogging Tips: How To Make Money Blogging About Things You’re Passionate About

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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There are many ways to make money with blogging; and there has been considerable debate over which methods are best. This article will advocate blogging on something that you are passionate about, which does not mean any other methods won't work.

Some great bloggers will tell you to set up many blogs, as fast as you can. They will tell you to use PLR products and just slap them up and get them out as fast as you possibly can.

This can work too, but if it is not your passion to build blog after blog, you may get totally burnt out, proclaim that it won’t work, and that you couldn’t make money with it.

The great thing about blogging with a passionate purpose is that you know about the subject and love it. Many a wise man has said to find what you love first, and then find a way to make money with it. That in itself is true power.

What a life it would be if you could wake up every morning and do work that you would do anyway, even if you weren’t going to be paid for it. That would be an ideal existence and something to strive for.

A lot of people have put off their dreams and hopes in search of the mighty money. There is a way to do both, and the Internet allows it 100%. You may have a big passion for something that is not a big moneymaker. You will have to think out of the box, but there is always a solution.

One thing you should also think about is the number of passions you have. Most people have a variety of things that they love to do; and at this point, you just need to figure out how you can make a ton of money working with them.

Here are some tips you can do to make it happen.

Blogging Tip # 1: If You Love It, Can You Teach It?

Are there others that want to learn about what you have to offer? You can look at some forums and Yahoo answers to find out if anyone wants to learn about your passion.

Blogging Tip # 2: Start A Blog And Get Feedback From Comments.

You never know where this is going to lead. Set up a blog in your niche, start making some points, and be sure to allow comments.

For example, if you have a blog about keeping horses and you write about their feed, someone may write a comment about natural foods versus chemical foods. This in itself can trigger a brainstorming session for you.

There are a lot of paths you can take with your niche and none of them have been written in stone. Be flexible and determined that you are going to make money.

Blogging Tip # 3: Be Willing To Experience Anything.

Based on what people are saying, you may find that you need to write an e-book, you may need to offer personalized coaching to people, or you may need to set up a membership site where people can get detailed instructions on the niche.

Be flexible and allow yourself to be taken to the next level. Find out exactly what people in your niche want, be willing to provide it, and get ready to make a lot of money.

Blogging Tip # 4: Find Five Other Things You're Passionate About And Start Five New Blogs.

You may be right that the initial one or two niches are not big money makers. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, by starting only one blog.

Start up some more blogs about your other passions in life. It won't take long until one of them takes off and leads you in the direction of fame and fortune.

Blogging Tip # 5: Put Your Mindset Into Overdrive.

It is your mindset that is going to make it possible for you to make money by blogging about your passions. Everything else anybody has told you about this does not know the power of working with something you love.

When you have a passion for something it never leaves you, which means you can stay devoted to your blogging for many years.

If you are just looking to make X. amount of dollars in a certain time, than this article may not have interested you. This article was written more for the person that wants to integrate his passion and money.

There is always a way to make a fortune by doing what you love. It is not always the fastest way, but if you keep your eyes and ears open, are willing to service the people in the niche, and truly care about what you are doing, there is no way to fail. Especially if you start making 5 to 10 different blogs in completely different niches.

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