Blogging Success 20 Warning Signs Telling You That Your Content Sucks Part III

Blogging Success: 20 Warning Signs Telling You That Your Content Sucks - Part III

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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Finally we get to the final segment of this article which explores the areas that can help a blogger better their work. This article will no doubt help you become a better writer only if you are open to change. Ensure you check out part I and II if you happened to miss them. They will help you to better understand this part.

14. You have an engineering, science or technology background.

No one means to be disrespectful but the above mentioned and other kinds of technologists have been trained to be passive, objective as well as detached and if you have the three mentioned aspects then you will only see blogging success in other people but not you. This does not mean that if you have some background knowledge on either of the mentioned displines you are doomed. This only goes to warn you that they can ruin your ways of thinking especially now that you are aiming for great blogging success.

15. You do not have any information on copywriting.

When you decide to begin writing blogs without having a look at copywriting content, it is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Some can get away with it but you will have to be really lucky. Study copywriting if you have not yet done that. It is very important.

16. You don’t know what your readers stay up at night doing.

You should strive to become intimate with your readers and this means that you should get to know what they like reading. Great writing requires you to be very intimate. Get to know what makes them tick, what scares them as well as what gets them excited. Get to know what goes on in their minds at 2 AM in the morning. Using this revelation, communicate with them through your blog posts. When you communicate with them at such deep and emotional levels they will not be able to help but be glued to your blogs.

17. You write less daily.

This is probably one of the biggest signs that should get you turning around. If you are writing less than 1000 words every day, it will be very hard for you to come up with anything reasonable for your blog content Practice writing everyday aiming to get to 1000 and more words for a period of 30 days and you will no doubt see that it will have an impact on your writing.

18. Spending few in a week hours reading.

Other than spending enough time reading, it is important as well to read a lot. It is helpful because it opens one up in terms of different skills in writing. It sharpens you grammar, gives you new ideas and also keeps you updated on what is currently selling in your area of expertise.

19. You have never communicated with any of your readers on phone or in person.

If you just spend an hour talking to one of your vivid readers, you will understand a lot more than you thought you knew. This teaches you on how to communicate well with your readers. This important because it brings you to understand their expectations and as a result you will now be able to deal effectively.

20. You are a new blogger.

You are not badly off; you are a bit safe for the time being because you have not been around for long. There is nothing you can do at this point in time but the above mentioned should now help you have great blogging success. Keep trying and keep it in mind that people will ignore your blogs for starters but this will soon come to pass.

In Summary

Producing great content is not as easy as people think. There are no shortcuts in this path and you cannot decide to work your brain like an auto pilot’s engine. You have to work those hours, reading, writing and researching. Yes, researching as well is equally important. Coming up with super content is going to need a lot of input. It is not rocket science but likewise it requires a lot of energy, time and dedication.

If you actually think that you need to put in more work after reading this, that’s a good sign because achieving blogging success is the same as buying that new Bentley. You need to work really hard. You will always find space on the web if you are willing to look at all these. You will have people eagerly waiting for your newsletter and your blogs.

It’s a tough road but it is worth the hard work.

The other parts (part I and part II) are equally important so make sure that you have a look at them. They will be of great benefit to you and soon you will be getting the number of hits you desire on your tweets and so on. Good luck and have a great blogging success!

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