Blogging Success 20 Warning Signs Telling You That Your Content Sucks  Part II

Blogging Success: 20 Warning Signs Telling You That Your Content Sucks - Part II

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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In part one of this article, we looked at five mistakes that people make as blog writers. These signs continue in part II of this article where we observe what your audience means to you and why it is wrong not to know them for blogging success.

6. You have never gotten a fan mail.

If your blog content is exceptional, your fans will indicate that by writing to you and telling you about it. This is not just about the usual nice tweets that you get but something more like a five page e-mail where they write about their experiences and how you have helped them. Of course this comes with time. When you are beginner, you will not get such often but if you are good, you will be fortunate to get some. This should therefore tell you that your content is not as helpful as it should be when you don’t get any.

7. You have never gotten a hate mail.

The opposite also applies. If your content is super, there’s always this group behind the scenes that will take you to be rude, inconsiderate, and wrong about your ideas. This group of people is referred to as they righteous majority and nothing you can do or say will ever appease them. You should therefore not try as long as you have got things under control. Their screams and mockery should just be an encouraging factor that you are heading the right way and near to reach blogging success.

8. Before getting your first link, you focus should lie on SEO.

I always think that any newbie who starts by enquiring on SEO before they have written any posts is doomed. For starters what is important therefore is posting up links of your site before you begin writing any blogs. If you are on this track, you should know that for blogging success, links are more important than keywords. This will apply later on.

9. You think SEO is what you need to be involved in for you to create a popular blog.

Just to set the record straight, SEO is as important as any other online marketing tool but it cannot make your blog successful. You need to have remarkable content before you decide to go the optimization way. If your skip this beat, you miss out on a very important aspect of marketing.

10. Saving the best ideas that you have for later.

If you fall in this lot of people who hold back their best ideas for an e-book or a course waiting for the blogs to get popular for them to release their ideas, you should put a stop to this. You might be sitting in on many opportunities while doing that and this is harmful for you so just have all the good stuff that you have published today.

11. Your blog is everything.

If you decide to write just about everything that you have on your mind in one blog, you will no doubt frustrate your visitors. Why? People come to your blog to find solutions to certain problems that they may be having and not to find out what you are thinking about today. They will stop reading the moment it becomes all about you and not them.

12. You have no idea of the benefits.

You should ask yourself this question:- How will my readers lives be a year from now after reading my blogs? What measurable results be they specific or not have you helped them achieve. This is not about your having a sense of great prosperity or fulfillment but it should be on the basis of your clients losing 20 pounds as well as acquiring five good new clients. If you don’t work with above terms, you are going to fail without a doubt.

13. You are not getting as much traffic as you deserve.

If you feel annoyed that no one is appreciating the knowledge and value that you so freely give, you should ask yourself why. No one should get attention just as they desire. You should struggle and understand that nothing comes easy. You have to work for what you want.

Do not miss out part I and part III. Part III look at what you need to do as a blogger to better your work and finally build your blogging success. Good luck as you continue implementing what you have learnt so far.

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