Blogging for a Full Time Income

Blogging for a Full Time Income

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-30

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Did you know that you can make a full

time income by blogging? You are able

to create an online income business that

earns you 4 or 5 figures every month by

just spending 1 or 2 hours a day? If you

are looking to create this kind of side

income, this is the right article for you.
You do not need to be an expert, you do

not need to have a PhD in business and

you do not need to have a degree in

doing so. All you need is know how to

blog. With a blog and a proven blogging

system that I’m going to share with you,

you will be able to create an online

income business within 3 months.
How to Create Income from a Blog?
1.Choose a topic

Before you create your blog, you must

know which topic you are going into.

The best is to choose a topic that you

are passionate in. Choose a topic that

you have intense passion. After that, try

to narrow down your topic or find a

niche within a market. For example,

instead of blogging about fishing, blog

about fly fishing.
2.Create a blog

Next, create a blog. Creating a blog is

very easy and there are numerous

resources on the Internet to help you.  I

would recommend setting a domain

name and hosting your own blog and

using WordPress. Read setting up a blog

to get in depth instructions.

3.Create quality content

You need to have quality content

because it is what people in your market

are looking for. Nobody is going to visit a

blog that has no value to them. In

internet marketing, content is king.

Therefore, if you are going to create an

online income business, you will need to

provide value for your market, through

quality content in your blog.
4.Market your blog

Once you have content, you are ready

to bring in visitors to your blog. This is

about traffic generation, where most

people fail and give up. Traffic

generation is not as complicated as you

think. As long as you are willing to take

action, traffic will come. Create a daily,

monthly and yearly traffic plan, and then

stick to this plan and take the necessary

action according to your plan.
5.Offer a product or service on your


The last piece of puzzle you need is an

offer. An offer is how you make money.

Insert money makers or advertising into

your blog such as Google Adsense or

affiliate marketing. This is how you can

make money from your blog. In fact,

writing quality content and getting

traffic is what takes time and requires

work. This step is easier because once

you have content and traffic, making

sales for you will be a lot simple.
This is how you can create an online

income business by using a blog.

Remember, action produces results, if

you are not taking any actionFree Web Content, nothing is

going to happen. So take the first step

now and decide which market you are

going into.

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Tyrone Shum is an internet business

marketer. You can read more Internet

business articles at


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