Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-02-01

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Bloggers are artistic in their own way and blogging is often considered a work of art. By describing their thoughts and emotions using the written word, bloggers are placing their own creative mark on the world-wide-web.

By definition, blogs are technically weblogs, referring to the server’s log file. This concept was introduced in the mid-1990s when web logging first came on to the virtual arena. Logs on the web flooded the online community providing a wider source of information on the internet.

Currently, web logs still require the use of a web site with domain names. Blogs, on the other hand, only need an account registered with a provider of blogs. These accounts are normally provided for free by the blog provider.

Blogs are like personal journals, they are created by individual users who share their experiences, daily activity, thoughts and ideas online. This form of journaling has allowed people from all over the world to be recognised.

However, this type of person cannot be compared with well-known personalities who normally seek fame through alternative mediums.

The business world has hugely benefited from the boom of blogging. With businesses increasing their online presence, blogs provide an opportunity to boost their credentials on the internet. These blogs are made visible on the internet to promote the products or service offered, leading to an increase in online revenue.

Additionally, business blogs are an excellent method of increasing credentials for a company. Customers are able to buy with confidence as online businesses establish a reputation in the virtual market place.

You can earn money from blogs using RSS technology and syndicating your own blogs to your business’ web site.

You could make your blog one of the most interesting on the internet, whether you’re writing for business or pleasure. Here are some tips to help you create a reader-worthy blog:

1. Evaluate your audience

When you’re writing your blog, think of what might interest your reader. Even though your blog might generally be of a personal nature, you still need to consider whether if will be interesting enough for your reader. You are after all, writing the blog with the ultimate hope that someone somewhere will read it. The reader doesn’t necessarily need to relate to your writing, but they should be able to understand the scribbles on your blog and enjoy the read.

2. Use visuals

Visuals in the form of photos always make a blog more interesting and worthy of browsing. The old adage ‘pictures speak a thousand words’ comes to life in the world of online blogs. You don’t necessarily need to upload images of yourself, and you certainly should never use photography that may pose a danger to anyone, but you should try and make the most of the space on your blog with pictures that complement your textual quips.

3. Develop useful blogs

It is tempting to write about general nothings and day-to-day thoughts, but it would be more constructive to offer insightful information to your readers. Everyone can benefit from productive information and you are in a position to provide it to the world.

4. Keep it simple

Avoid using overly technical words in order to keep your blog interesting. Try not to bore your readers with lengthy and useless technical jargon. Simple writing and concise blog entries are always more accepted over complicated blogs. Always remember that the majority of internet users normally skim read or scan blogs rather than actually reading each entry word for word.

5. Interact with your readers

You should definitely add interactivity to your blog with video and audio clips. Utilise all the capacity you possibly can with interesting clips that will keep visitors to your blog captivated.

Try adding a feedback or comments section and see what people’s reactions are to your blog. This is a great way of creating a welcoming environment on your blog, and you might even make new friends along the way.

Overall, blogs are a great way to exploit ones creativity. By writing engaging blogs for either business or leisure, you’re leaving your creative mark on the internet. Use your blog to demonstrate your creative writing skills whilst cashing in on the value of blogs in a commercial environment. Share your talent and information on the internet and embrace blogs.

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