Blog Tips and Strategies

Blog Tips and Strategies

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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Blogging Tips

Even though the internet is a fast paced environment and its getting harder and harder for the average blogger to keep up with it all, fortunately, some blog strategies have remained the same. Here's a reminder, along with a few blog tips.

Blog Tips And Strategies

Posting Tips

Avoid large blocks of text

Be sure to break up your article into readable bites. Most people who use the internet are scanners. So make sure you use descriptive headings within your post to catch their eye. Keep it focused and as short as possible. Try and find a picture that is relevant, to place within your article.

Check Your Spelling and Editing

Misspelling words even happens with the pros and they are given a certain amount of leeway. But for unknown writers it is a stab at their credibility. It looks as if you don't really care, so why should your reader?

Post Regularly

Try and set a regular posting rhythm. Not only will you keep your regular visitors interested, you will also keep the interest of the search engines and their bots. Fresh content equals better search engine rankings and more visitors.

Make Sure Your Post Titles Are What they Say They Are

The search engines read them and then sort and rank them accordingly. That is what is offered up to people who are searching for that particular information. Don't let either of them down.

Include A Signature and A Post Date

Contrary to what you may believe, your posts are not always timeless. Letting your reader know when your article was posted also lets them know how long you have been at it and can give you more credibility. Your signature lets them know exactly who wrote the post.

Other Blog Tips

Include An Author Bio and Picture.

People like to put a face on the writer and their bio gives them a sense of what they are all about. Now unless you are writing exclusively about yourself and your life, don't put out too much personal information. Once you post it out there on the net, it's pretty much out there for good. Even if you decide to delete information later, there are ways for other people to recapture it

Bad Links

Nothing is more frustrating to your visitor when they click on a link that takes them nowhere, or when they are redirected to something completely else.

Keep You Blog Focused

Don't try to be everything to everybody. Just focus on your targeted audience.

Your RSS Button

Be sure to have one, and that it is easy to find.

Sidebar Content And Links

Keep everything relevant. Studies have shown that offering too many choices to your readers is too confusing and they are less likely to click on them.

The Overall Best Blog Strategy

Own Your Own Domain Name

There are many services that host your blog and give you a domain name for free, and that's a great opportunity to get started. But what about down the road? Its always best to own your own domain name and pay for inexpensive hosting. This way you will retain control over your content and internet destiny, not someone else.

Follow these basic blog tips and strategies, and then improve on them. If you want to be successful at anything, remember the basics and keep learning!

Be Fearless

Billy Ojai

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By: Billy Ojai


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