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Bhutan Tourist Information

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Date: 2019-12-30

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Section Points to Bhutan Via Air:

The most straightforward path for guests to enter Bhutan is via air on Druk Air, Bhutan's national transporter and the main aircraft working in Bhutan. Druk Air's armada comprises of two British Aerospace planes, BAe 146s, which are particularly uncommonly intended for Bhutan.

Flights to Bhutan are accessible from Bangkok in Thailand, Kathmandu in Nepal, Delhi and Calcutta in India, and Dhaka in Bangladesh a few times every week. Most recent flight timetables are accessible on solicitation. Bhutan Packages from Delhi (

On sunny mornings the flight into Paro offers marvelous perspectives of the Himalayan mountain range, including Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Chomolhari, Kula Kangri and numerous different tops of the Himalayas.

Paro Airport, situated in the mountains, is liable to the impulses of nature, and climate conditions here and there avoid flight landing and departure. Druk Air itself has a flawless wellbeing record, without a solitary disaster since its commencement in 1983.

We can book your air-seats all through Bhutan well ahead of time, maintaining a strategic distance from a minute ago surge amid the crest traveler periods of spring and harvest time.

By Road:

Voyagers needing to join a visit to Bhutan with Sikkim and Darjeeling (or different spots in India) can enter Bhutan by surface through the bordertown of Phuentsoling. This is the main other passage point to Bhutan other than flying into Paro airplane terminal. In the converse request guests can fly into Bhutan and way out by surface to India through Phuentsoling.
For those venturing out to far Eastern Bhutan there is a choice to exit out of the nation through the bordertown of Samdrup Dzonkar to Guwahati Airport in Assam of India. Just leaving out of Bhutan is permitted from here not section. From Guwahati there are flights accessible to Calcutta and Delhi.

Air Tickets

Druk Air, the national bearer of Bhutan, is the main aircraft that flies in and out Bhutan's Paro airplane terminal. Air tickets will be issued simply after your visa is endorsed by the Home Ministry of Bhutan. To speed up this system, it is key that you send every one of us identification data required to apply for your Bhutan visa (see underneath). The air-tickets can't be issued until the visa is endorsed - and this procedure takes a week or more.

Tourist Visas

Tourist visas must be endorsed before your landing in Bhutan. With earlier endorsement visas are then issued just on your land in the nation, either at Paro air terminal or (if by street) at Phuentsoling. When you are prepared to affirm your visit courses of action we will apply for your visas. We require the accompanying subtle elements keeping in mind the end goal to begin applying for visas.

  • 01: Your full name (as it shows up in your international ID) -
  • 02: Permanent location -
  • 03: Occupation -
  • 04: Nationality -
  • 05: Passport number -
  • 06: Date of issue and termination of international ID -
  • 07: Date and place of birth -

Twofold watch that the data is right, if there are errors when you touch base in Bhutan, postponements and difficulties can occur, The real visa is stamped in your international ID just when you land in Bhutan. You have to pay US$ 20 and present a travel permit photograph with your international ID number composed on the back. You will then get a visa for the time of your stay in Bhutan. We will prepare visa augmentations for you in the event that they get to be fundamental.


In the significant towns, for example, Thimpu, Paro, and Phuentsoling, agreeable inns anticipate the guest, while in littler towns, humble, yet sufficient, lodgings, cabins and visitor houses are accessible. Your visit specialist ought to guarantee that the best accessible lodging are masterminded you. The Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB), manages inn guidelines and all travel directions in Bhutan. The expense of the lodging is incorporated into the visit cost. (Thimphu Paro Tour)

Nourishment and Drink

Conventional Bhutanese nourishment is hot and zesty. For our guests, be that as it may, Chinese, Indian, and Continental charges are served. The more courageous can attempt the nearby luxuries like the delicious, yet searing, ematatshi, the national dish of Bhutan, made with red chillis and curds. Dinners are typically served buffet style in the lodgings. On trekking visits, we serve basic however nutritious and wonderful dishes, crisply cooked by our prepared cooks. The day by day visit cost incorporates all suppers while in Bhutan and also different administrations, including trekking game plans, as required. Your exclusive additional costs will be mineral water, alcohol, clothing, gifts and discretionary tips to the aide, driver and lodging staff.


We utilize agreeable and safe Japanese autos, jeeps, vans and mentors to transport our visitors. The expense of transport is now incorporated into the day by day visit cost. Every one of our drivers are completely prepared in wellbeing and are all around experienced in driving in Bhutan. You will find that you are more open to driving through the twisting uneven streets of Bhutan, where normal driving wins, and drivers are strangely considerate to each other, not at all like in a portion of the neighboring nations.


All vacationer gatherings will be went with all through their stay in Bhutan by an English-talking direct and have a vehicle and driver available to you at all times.
The greater part of our aides are prepared by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB) and authorized by the Government. Our trekking aides and cooks undergoe an extra mountain guide preparing, including security and medical aid guideline. TAB has gotten help from the Austrian Government as mentors and supports to set up the preparation programs for traveler guides.

Vacationer Seasons

A visit to Bhutan can be arranged at whatever time of the year yet the best period is from mid-September to May. The top seasons, when most guests come to Bhutan, are amid the Spring and Autumn. Spring is from April through June and harvest time from September through November. There are numerous celebrations amid these periods, and guests come to take advantage both of the lovely atmosphere and the magnificent celebrations. Be that as it may, Bhutan has restricted tourism base and amid crest seasons offices are pressed. For those needing to maintain a strategic distance from the bustling vacationer time frames the winter months of December, January, February, are prescribed.

Day by day Tour Costs

The Tourism Authority of Bhutan (TAB) directs all tourism related exercises in Bhutan. All visit administrators are enrolled with them, and the TAB likewise settle the day by day levy rates. Thirty-five percent of the day by day cost goes straightforwardly to the TAB and thus to the national treasury. These assets are utilized by the legislature for the financial advancement of Bhutan. Doctor's facilities, schools, and streets are manufactured and kept up with the wage. TAB has discharged a travel data booklet specifying their part and the directions by which all visit administrators are administered.

The ordinary rates for visits in Bhutan are as beneath:

  • 3 or more persons voyaging together: US$ 200 for every individual for each day.

The accompanying additional charges are connected for littler gatherings:

  • Two individuals voyaging together - US$ 30 every night for every individual
  • One individual voyaging alone - US$ 40 every night for every individual

Reach us on the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to the visit costs. The day by day rate may sound high at to begin with, however recollect this incorporates all your settlement, all dinners, guided visits, and all transportation inside Bhutan according to visit schedule.

What to Bring

The accompanying rundown will cover your requirements for a vehicle-based social visit. Since you will go in private vehicles, there is less worry about weight than if you were exchanging your own particular baggage on and off different types of open transport. There is a 20 kg (44 lb) weight limit (30 kg or 66 lb in business class) on Druk Air flights. You ought to attempt and keep to this stipend. Regardless of the fact that you will pay for overabundance things, it ventures standby and might be offloaded. Similarly as with all travel, the less you convey, the less demanding it is to move about. (Thimphu Punakha Paro) Easygoing garments are fine; however please likewise do take along an arrangement of spruce up garments (coat and tie for men, dresses for ladies) for celebrations or in the imaginable occasion that you are welcome to a Bhutanese home or social capacity. Thimpu and different towns in Bhutan have a residential community climate, and you may effectively wind up in the organization of a high government official. In the event that you have booked your outing amid a celebration, you certainly ought to convey an arrangement of dressy attire.

Bhutanese individuals dress formally, and filthy pants don't fit-in on such events.
Indeed, even in the mid-year, it can be cool in Bhutan, and it is absolute frosty in winter. Days can be very warm, particularly in the lower areas, for example, Punakha and Phuentsoling, and you could begin off driving wide open to the harshe elements of first light and be uncomfortably warm by midmorning. Utilize a layering framework, beginning with warm clothing and including a shirt, heap coat and jacket (or parka) as important.

On the off chance that you are not trekking, you will require:

Clothing (counting thermals for icy climate)

Cotton trousers

  • Cotton skirt for ladies
  • Pile coat or sweater - even in summer
  • Down coat - in winter; not required in summer
  • T-shirts or short sleeved (not sleeveless) cotton shirts *
  • Sneakers or strolling shoes and socks
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Rain coat (Gore-Tex if conceivable), generally a poncho or nylon coat
  • Dress-up garments for celebrations
  • Sun cap

All inns give sheets, covers or sew, and a cushion. Unless you are trekking, you won't have to convey a dozing pack. Most lodgings additionally give some kind of warming in winter, either an electric radiator or a wood stove. The warming, in addition to the heap of covers on your bed, ought to keep you warm.
You will be outside a considerable measure, a significant part of the time at elevations above 2,500 m (7,800 ft); so there is a lot of sun and wind. Bring a supply of sun cream and lip insurance, for example, Blistex; these things are not accessible in Bhutan.

Essential Extras

There are a few things that you ought to convey to make an excursion to Bhutan more agreeable. The majority of the taking after things is crucial:
A collapsing umbrella; particularly if going amid the rainstorm, Rain is conceivable at whatever time, and is verging on sure from June through August. Make sure to convey ear fittings (and extras) to decrease the commotion from the yelping pooches around evening time. There is a considerable measure of canines in Bhutan as the Bhutanese adoration mutts.
There are incidental electric blackouts all through the nation; so you ought to dependably keep a light (spotlight) alongside your bed. Convey a couple of shades (as insurance from high elevation glare). A Swiss armed force blade has numerous utilizations, for example, cutting cheddar and opening jugs. Carry a little clock with a caution to help you wake up, in light of the fact that not all inn rooms have phones.


On the off chance that you are on a social visit, it's OK to bring a hard bag, however a delicate sack is more adaptable and less demanding to pack into the baggage space of a vehicle. For those trekking in Bhutan a solid duffel sack as baggage is ideal. You will likewise need a little rucksack (knapsack) or waist pack to convey your cameraArticle Search, water bottle and different essentials in the vehicle and when you are strolling around town or going by landmarks.


Once your visit or trek in Bhutan is affirmed we will furnish you with a point by point Pre Departure Information parcel which contains a rundown of prescribed apparel and hardware alongside numerous different subtle elements that will help you get ready for you visit/trek in Bhutan.

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