Bhutan diaries

Author: Laden Bhutia
Date: 2019-03-13

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The moment I heard about the trip to Bhutan which was organized by Tourgenie I was quite excited to go and I decided to go finally. My trip to Bhutan was awesome, this was my first trip alone, though I was not  sure what I will do alone but I had a very friendly bunch of people with me in that tour which made me feel relax and comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed my trip.

We started our trip from Gangtok towards Phuentsholing it was quite a long journey but I enjoyed the journey. After a long journey we finally reached Phuentsholing, it was a place full of Bhutanese people wearing their traditional dresses. Men were wearing the Gho, a knee-length robe somewhat resembling a kimono that is tied at the waist by a traditional belt known as Kera. The pouch which forms at the front traditionally was used for carrying food bowls and a small dagger. Women were wearing the Kira, a long, ankle-length dress accompanied by a light outer jacket known as a Tego with an inner layer known as a Wonju.  I saw the young generation was quite fashionable in Phuentsholing. I heard from one of the locals that they are very much into Korean trend. I saw all the Korean products in each shop in Phuentsholing.

Next day I went Thimpu which is the capital of Bhutan. I was surprise to see there were no traffic lights and the traffic rules were very strict. I visited Kuensel Phodrang which is a massive structure of a sitting Shakyamuni Buddha. It is one of the largest idols of Buddha in the world. This Buddha is gold plated and made of bronze. This grand and glorious Buddha can be seen from any corner of the city. The view from the top of the park - Kuenselphodrang Park made me speechless and I kept looking. There were 36 God fairies statue which were plated in gold. The statues were in the border of the big Lord Buddha statue, that view was just mesmerizing to watch.

Later I visited   Motithang Takin preserve to see the national animal of Bhutan that is Takin and when I saw the animal for the first time. I was frequently thinking – Is it a Goat or is it a Cow? Takin looked like a mixture of both to it. This endangered species across the world has a small population in the country and it was kept well in that preserve. After that I visited simply Bhutan house in Thimpu where we were shown all the traditional things which the people used in the olden times. When we entered the house we were given local alcohol in a small cup which we had to drink. Actually we were supposed to drink 3 times but we drank only twice because it was very strong. Later we took a round in that house saw different things heard different stories from the guide and later we had our lunch there.  It was a pure Bhutanese lunch which I enjoyed eating. They were all different from our food. We were also entertained by the local people who were volunteering there they showed us beautiful Bhutanese dance.