Bhutan about 10 things you don't know

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Date: 2020-01-04

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Information about Bhutan 10 things you don't know - Bhutan involves a zone of 38,394 km² making it to some degree littler than Switzerland or about a large portion of the measure of the US condition of Indiana. Bhutan's scene is generally bumpy with some rich valleys and savanna.

Bhutan - This little Himalayan country knows very little about overseas so Bhutan about 10 special things.

Is an isolated country

Bhutan does not have diplomatic relations with the UK to save their culture has for centuries the world relationship. The Internet and television in 1999 was given permission here. In 1970 for the first time allow a foreign tourist to come here was given. On the official foreign influence still keep an eye.

Things are changing faster

In the capital Thimphu now Smartphone and karaoke times are. Youth are in abundance in the population here and social media are easily accepted. Because of this there has come a surge in street fashion and more frank discussion in politics.

A pioneer in the environmental area

Many wise Bhutan has been a pioneer in international trends. Plastic metropolis there are prohibited and tobacco from the 1999 almost completely illegal. 60% of the country is forest is.

Still easy to reach here

Despite the amazing natural scenery and splendid culture it still retains mass tourism and it deliberately. The Government limited the number of tourists and visitors from outside South Asia for $250 a day from extorting money from too. This becomes an important source of tourism income.

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The argument is that to minimize the impact on the environment and culture of tourism ' and this peculiarity of this place makes it easy to help maintain. But the Government's debt with more tourists coming is being sought.

Traditional economic scale is not

The level of gross national happiness life of Bhutan (GNH) rather than the napta's gross domestic product (GDP). The Government says that it has to recover physical and mental balance is retained. Its rating is the gross national happiness Center sees is a person who assumes responsibility for the opposite side also understands well. From your life is that many Bhutanese are happy.

Although the Prime Minister has even more of this idea saying it only has been exploited and the problems of corruption and poor living standards curtain. Nearly 70% of the GDP in terms of young unexplored and the world's poorest countries.

But all are not happy

In 1958 over slavery in Bhutan. The majority of the original population of several policies that support the Tibetan cause in the 1990s conflict between the Nepalese minority communities. Some of these in the refugee camps to flee to Nepal by the thousands took refuge in and their status is disputing. Some people living in Bhutan say that they still have to be a victim of discrimination.


Bhutan's main export India to hydroelectric power, he sells. In addition, wood, cement, agricultural produce and handicraft exports.


Bhutan forces but are surrounded by Navy around. It has air force India in this area also and thought them.

King of Bhutan

King Jigme khesar who assumed power in 2006 namgyal Wangchuk brought big dramatic shift in the country. His father has had its beginnings when in 1998 he had left some of your unfettered powers. Now there are the elections at all levels of Government.

The first general elections in 2008. It was just two parties participated and grinding & Bhutan prosperity party related to the monarchy (DPT) win. But the people's Democratic Party second in 2013 election opposition party (PDP) has won. India, United States and British-educated King are still worshipped and Queen of jetson Pema are extremely popular.

And they really like to find trees in

At the beginning of this year, thousands of peoples your King-Queen's first child, Prince gyalse, birthday celebration 1, 08000 plants and observed. Find popular trees in Bhutan. Here is the symbol of long life, beauty and compassion. In 2015, 50Free Web Content,000 trees in an hour of Bhutan's Guinness world record.


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