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Best Time to Visit Sikkim

Author: Sonam Dargay
Date: 2020-07-06

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Before getting into finding out the best time to visit Sikkim, let us explore why Sikkim should be your next travel destination and some facts about it. Sikkim is a state in India with a very strategic location bordering Tibet in the north, Bhutan the Land of Thunder Dragon in the east, Nepal in the west, and the Indian state of West Bengal in the south. 

Sikkim was once a small kingdom with the size of barely 7000 km square ruled by a monarchy until it became an Indian state in 1975. Its largest city Gangtok is the capital of the state. Its history says that the Lepchas to be the earliest inhabitants. It is said to be blessed with Buddhist master Guru Padmasambhava’s visit in the eighth century who introduced Buddhism in Sikkim. Buddhism is even today one the main religions in Sikkim.  

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim - Believed to be blessed by Guru Padmasambhava

Although it is best known to the world as Sikkim, it is known by many other names. Some of the notable names include Su-khim (for Limboos meaning ‘new house’), Drenjong (for Tibetans meaning ‘valley of rice’), while Bhutias call it Beyul Demazong (meaning ‘the hidden valley of rice’).

While there are many reasons to visit Sikkim, some of the reasons why people love Sikkim are: 

1. Sikkim is known to be the first organic state of India

2. Sikkim has the snow-crowned majestic third highest mountain in the world Khangchendzonga

3. Sikkim has a rich culture and traditions

4. Sikkim has a strong commitment to protecting the ecology 

Thus, Sikkim is known to the world for its eco-tourism, wildlife and village tourism, and cultural and religious tourism amongst many tourism products. This is the reason why someone visiting Sikkim will find tourists all the time, throughout the year. 

Before visiting Sikkim, you must know that the use of plastics is banned. So is smoking in public areas. As Sikkim lies in the foot of the majestic Himalayan range, temperature varies from snow-cold winters to hot and wet monsoons. The following table gives an idea of the best time to visit Sikkim if you are temperature conscious. 


Temperature (Min-Max in degree Celsius)


April - June

10 - 28


July - September

4 - 15


October - March

-1 - 7


Sikkim is known to the world for its simplicity, beauty, and art. Many literary works are composed in showing their love and affection to Sikkim. One such work is a book called Sikkim: Requiem for a Himalayan Kingdom by Andrew Duff, which is a reflection of Sikkim in transit from a kingdom under monarchy to being a state under the Indian government. It is a book describing the time Sikkim went through and is an eye-opener to see and understand Sikkim. Personally, it is a must-read book before visiting Sikkim.

Summer in Sikkim

In summer, everything in the lower regions becomes green. Mother Nature being at its best conditions, you will come across beautiful orchids and blooming rhododendrons at the base of the rugged mountains. Tourists who love trekking would find Sikkim perfect in this season. The best travel destinations including Buddhist monasteries, lakes, and villages would cordially welcome everyone visiting them with pristine greenery. Therefore, to most of the Sikkim lovers, summer is preferred to be the best time to visit and make memories in Sikkim. 

Saramsa Garden, Sikkim

Saramsa Garden - Summer in Sikkim

Monsoon in Sikkim

Sikkim receives a lot of rain during monsoon. The geographic terrain being mostly hilly, travelling in monsoon becomes very dangerous, especially in visiting the villages. But if you are a bird-loving tourist and economical traveler, don’t miss the opportunity. It is the best time to see the birds of Sikkim as it is the time for migratory birds to prevail in the jungles. As most travelers don’t like wet climate, hoteliers get lesser customers. This makes them to offer heavy discounts to meet their businesses. If you are planning to make an economical visit to Sikkim, then come during the monsoon. 

Monsoon in Sikkim

Monsoon in Sikkim

Winter in Sikkim   

Mid-winters are extremely cold with heavy snowfall. But if you visit in the early and late winter, you will get to enjoy the best moments in Sikkim. In early and late winter, the temperature in Sikkim becomes warm, making it an ideal time for travelling. Like many other Buddhists from around the world, most Bhutanese prefer visiting Sikkim for religious tourism in winter.  The Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim are included in the bucket list of most Buddhist pilgrims. Moreover, these monasteries are the seat of people from around the world seeking to study and practice Buddhism.