Places to Stop on the road to Lachung

Best places to stop on the road to Lachung

Author: TourGenie contributor
Date: 2021-08-13

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Lachung is one of the small and the last villages on the Indo-China border. The meaning of Lachung is a small mountain pass, and it is in the North district of Sikkim. During the winter season the place is beautifully covered by the snow and most of the people visit Lachung especially during winter to witness the snowfall. Lachung is one of the must-visit tourist destinations of Sikkim and it is famous for Yumthang Valley, Zero Point and Katao. Lachung is embraced by snow-capped mountain peaks, breath-taking waterfalls, sparkling streams, and apple orchards and is the perfect holiday destination for the honeymooners, family and friends. The people here lead a simple life and greet their guests warmly. Travelers can expect a blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Don’t miss to sip different tea variants available here. Also try the Chhurpi, an inch-long hard cheese block prepared from yak milk.

While travelling towards Lachung do not miss a chance to visit a few places shown below:


Seven Sister Waterfalls


Kabi Lunchok

Kabi Lunchok is one of the important historical sites for the people of Sikkim where the treaty was signed between the Lepcha Chief Thekong Tek and the Tibetan King, Khye Bumsa representing the Bhutia’s. The literal meaning of 'Kabi Lungchok', pronounced ‘Kayu sha bhi Lungchok’, is "stone erected by our blood. Life-size statues of the Lepcha and Bhutia 'blood-brothers' who signed the treaty have been erected as marl of respect.