Kathmandu Durbar Square

Beautiful city of shrines and the places to visit in Kathmandu

Author: Tanuja Rai
Date: 2020-07-06

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Nepal is one beautiful landlocked multilingual, multiethnic, multi-religious country in Asia. Nestled in the lap of the gigantic Himalayan range this beautiful country is one of the neighboring countries of India in the north with eight out of ten highest mountains on earth. The tallest mountain Mt Everest rests in this Himalayan range in Nepal and is one of the pride of the country. Nepal is popular all around the globe for its rich culture, heritage, an abundance of natural beauty, social diversity, historical and cultural wealth, religious places, mountains, biodiversity, etc. Every place in this country is worth visiting and you will be able to learn and see something new and beautiful everywhere you go. The popularity of the country drastically grew all over the world when tourists started discovering places worth visiting in Nepal and found that this country has so much to offer. The tourist arrivals per year have increased from over 6,000 in 1962 to more than a million today. Nepal has immensely beautiful places with rich history and the views of the landscapes may take your breath away. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal with numerous places to visit.

          Mount Everest

The Pride of Nepal – Gigantic Mount Everest

Visiting and exploring these places in Nepal and in Kathmandu is mandatory for every travel enthusiast and nature lover. Once you visit these places in Kathmandu, you will surely be grateful and satisfied with yourself for making such a decision. Maybe you should give a pat on your shoulder? The rich remarkable capital city Kathmandu in Nepal is incredibly diverse. Kathmandu is an old city full of historic sites, golden pagodas, ancient temples and you will find shrines in every street in Kathmandu. With rich historic value Kathmandu is covered with centuries-old amazing architectures, metal carvings, and exquisite wood carvings. Nepal is also known for a place called Lumbini that is 293.2km away from Kathmandu city wherein about 500 BC Queen Mayadevi at that time had given birth to a prince Siddharth Gautam who is better known as Lord Buddha all over the world. Nepal is a multi-religious country and Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed in Kathmandu from time immemorial. However, the Kathmandu valley residents worship both Hindu and Buddhist shrines leaving little and negligible distinction in both faiths making Kathmandu a place where you will find unity in diversity.