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Be Your Own Boss And Travel While You Work - Five Tips For Success

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-24

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When was the last time you sat near the window looking out at the sky, sighing and dreaming of being your own boss?

Was it yesterday, or perhaps just this morning right before rushing to work?

Are you still buying the RV Classifieds every month dreaming of owning one of these beauties and driving away into the sunset?

The big question is always "how to make a living on the road."

Selling online is the most flexible and financially rewarding choice available to you. There are a few preliminary issues to resolve, like storing and shipping, promoting, and collecting the money. Although these may seem like large issues they are quickly resolved by doing a little research online.

You can manage your online business from any destination, have products drop-shipped to the customer, and find those customers by promoting online.

The toughest part of selling online is just getting started. Choosing the right product to sell, setting up a business plan, creating goals, getting organized, and saving for the startup costs are at the top of the "getting started" list.

1. Choosing A Product

* Select a product you are enthusiastic about then share it with the rest of the world.

* Invent a product easily produced then create a market for it within the RVing community.

* Research several products you have used and find out if you can buy them below market for resale. Contact the manufacturer and arrange a drop-ship contract so you don't have to stock the product.

Selling cheap, mass-market products is not the way to success. There is not enough value for the long haul. Inexpensive quality products, on the other hand, are big sellers.

Successful businesspeople suggest that, in general, there should be at least a 100% profit in each item you sell to stay in business. Expensive items vary, of course, but keep this in mind when you pick a product. Volume sales change that formula somewhat, but deal with that later as your business expands.

2. Setting Up A Business Plan

Spend the time to prepare a business plan before you start investing in a product or deciding which sales venue to explore. The basics to include in your business plan are:

* The amount of money you think you need to get started

* Wages for any employees necessary

* Estimate the number of hours needed to devote to this project

* Work out the high and low profit margins by experimenting with pricing

* Decide if you want volume sales or higher profit per item

* Determine the number of products

Keep in mind that quality products produce repeat sales and referrals, all low-cost profit.

3. Create Goals

Goals are important to keep us on the path to success. So, set practical goals with timelines. Research the market, get all the details about the product, take photos and setup your website.

4. Get Organized

Spend the weekends getting organized before you go online. It is hectic in the beginning but demands on your time are considerably less later. Staying organized makes your business, and profits, flow smoothly.

5. Budgeting Startup Costs

Startup costs are quite low in comparison to other selling methods. There are reliable web hosting companies that charge as little as $8 a month and include plenty of data storage. The cost of credit card merchant services is the largest operating expense and you cannot be successful without this service. Some other outlays include computer software, Internet promotion, and possibly product support.

If you think you can devote a few hours a day to take care of the business details, an online selling business could work for you. It does take commitment and long-term thinking to build a successful online business, but the overhead is low and the annual profit can be large.

Get started now while you still have an income and when your online business exceeds your other income, hit the road.

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For more information, visit Margo website. This successful online entrepreneur offers gems from her own experience detailing how selling online can support your travel dream.

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Author : Margo Armstrong

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