Barbeque Tips For Summer

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Date: 2020-01-13

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If the sun and longer days isn't enough of an excuse to get people together, then the barbeque will. The creme-de-la-creme of social outdoor dining, barbeque's are always noted for being relaxed, ...

If the sun and longer days isn't enough of an excuse to get people together, then the barbeque will. The creme-de-la-creme of social outdoor dining, barbeque's are always noted for being relaxed, yet its communal cooking experience helps to bring people together. During most of these occasions there is an unwritten rule that men dominate the grill whether it be because they get to be in charge of the meat, fire or just because of the opportunity to cook outdoors. Woman rarely see this as a disadvantage and will make the most out of this opportunity to stand at the sidelines. But this does not mean that the craft of the barbeque should be seen as simple, as there are still some important tips to stick to when cooking.

Keep food chilled but not frozen
A lot of the safety tips with barbeque's usually revolves around food hygiene or fire safety. Like an oven, you need time for the appliance to heat up before you can start cooking. It is imperial that while this is happening, food is always covered. Either chilled in its marinate but not frozen, as frozen meat will make it difficult for the heat to go all the way through and leave the meat charred on the outside but cold and raw in the middle. Having the meat reheated a number of times is also not advised, so keep in mind food safety practices.

Keep it clean
Take pride in the accessories you use to cook your food by having them clean. This also goes for cutlery, dishes and hands. With bugs and the sun making it more accessible to come into contact with food, you are more likely to get sick eating outdoors than in a kitchen where (I would hope) things are kept clean. Warmer weather means the spread of germs increases at rapid speed, especially if you handle cold meat such as chicken. I know we are not children, but washing them with warm, soapy water for at least 20seconds will significantly reduce the nasty risk of contracting salmonella.

Pick a barbeque to match your location
These days, there are BBQ's to match almost any environment, from large outdoor sections made specifically for outdoor socialising, small apartment balconies, or portable barbeque's for one time use. The last barbeque option made from what looks like a thin aluminium frame for a pie tin, has been popular not only for camping but for outdoor picnics, as the compact appliance is small and lightweight. As a warning, take care of your surroundings when setting up your barbeque by being considerate to the environment. This not only means looking after your waste but also setting up your space that will not be seen as a fire hazard. With grass being considerably drier in summer, they are more likely to burn.

An easy way to get people involved, barbeque's are seen as a great form of social gathering. Its popularity means that there is bound to be a design to suit your environment. Despite its versatility, there are always important tips which should be taken into account if you have never made one beforePsychology Articles, such as hygiene and safety. Happy grilling!

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The author is a design student and freelance interior consultant. To find the perfect barbeque for your next outdoor dining occasion, visit zanui.

Written by Tilly Aldren

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