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Backpacking Hacks – Basic Packing Tips For Backpackers

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Date: 2020-01-18

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Some better tips for packing the backpack could help you have an amazing and hassle free journey, and save your time on the way. There essential tips do make you know how to pack the backpack properly in order to get a better experience in the trip.

In packing your backpack for your next adventure, there are several areas of concern that you must consider, they are: size of your backpack, maximum backpack weight, distribution of weight, attaching backpacking gears on the exterior, what to pack, and hydration options. These are among the basic things you must consider when preparing your backpack for your next trip.

Backpack Size
Generally, you can divide the size of your backpack into what you will actually need depending on the duration of your trip and your gender. Basically, some distinctions have to be made around these two factors, especially for women. As we know, they can only take as much weight as their strength would permit.

Duration of Trip
Let us assume that the minimum trip is just two days. With this in mind, take a look at backpacks with approximately two thousand four hundred to four thousand eight hundred cubic inch capacity for your two day trip. For longer trip durations, have a look at packs with a much bigger capacity following the tips below.

Gender of Backpacker
Look for backpacks that fit you, and they should not be too heavy. These are your basic considerations, especially if you are a woman. Choice of backpack is definitely impacted by gender of the wearer. The idea is to get one that will work well for you as you are the one who will be carrying the load, so to speak. For a 5-day trip and longer, women can basically carry backpacks with a capacity of four thousand three hundred cubic inches and bigger. Men can check at backpacks with a capacity of about four thousand eight hundred cubic inches or higher.

Maximum Backpack Weight
The basic rule on the maximum weight is that your backpack must be around 25% to 30% of your body weight. For a one hundred fifty pound individual, he should be carrying a forty-five pounder backpack. A two hundred pound person may go up to sixty pounds. A lot of individuals exceed this rule for weight, however, with the right amount of planning they really don’t have to do so.

Observe Proper Weight Distribution
You have to be careful when packing your backpack. You have to ensure you observe proper weight distribution. The trick is to pack your gear in about three layers. The bottom layer will contain all your lighter weight stuff and those that you will not access every time while backpacking. This may be your clothing, sleeping bag, slippers, and more. Your middle layer, around the center of your pack may include stuff like fuel, food, or your portable stove. On top, place stuff that are much lighter, and those that you will need throughout the day for easy access.

Furthermore, be sure to pack weight evenly on your backpack from side to side. Oftentimes, you need to make some adjustments on your pack. As you familiarize yourself with your gear, you will find that making these adjustments is simply a breeze.

Attaching Items To The Backpack Exterior
When you do not have space in your backpack, you can add them in the exterior of your pack. But, do not overdo this, as it can look ridiculous eventually, plus, the weight can be a problem on your back. Avoid sharp items that can pierce through the interior of your pack. You can place your sleeping pads in the exterior of your backpack as well. Make sure you do this sparingly so as to avoid adding too much weight on your pack.

Hydration Options
There are some backpacks that come with reservoirs. But if yours does not have one, make use of the exterior pockets and just bring along your travel bottles with you. This is what backpacking folks have been doing for years now and it is working just fine for them, and so will it for you. Just make sure you have adequate water supply with you because trekking and backpacking calls that you be kept hydrated at all times.

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