Arunachal Pradesh is not just about adventure activities

Arunachal Pradesh is not just about adventure activities

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-08-04

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Arunachal Pradesh is a mysterious and relatively unexplored land of the Eastern Himalayas, with the beautiful Gori Chen range and Kangto peak towering above the unending carpet of pine tree tops. It has limitless beautiful landscapes, trekking trails, and water sports that need to be explored. If you are seeking to step into a world of extraordinary beauty and discover experiences found nowhere on earth, Arunachal Pradesh is the place for you.

One can learn about the history, culture, and lifestyle of the Monpa tribe by interacting and even staying with them. Visit Gorsam Chorten near the village of Zemithang which is the largest Stupa of the area with the height of about 100 ft. The design of the chorten is based on the boudhanath stupa of Kathmandu. The stupa opens once in 12 years for the public to climb up.

Village tour of Zemithang

The Handicraft and Handloom Center and Museum display many unique handicrafts that can be bought, though the prices are on the high side. It also houses an emporium that displays the finished works of the trainees.

Handicraft and Handloom

Hong Village in Ziro Valley is inhabited by the Apatani tribes whose women are known for their distinct facial tattoos and nose plugs. The people are primarily into sustainable farming, adopting an ingenious method of cultivating rice with fish. Hong is surrounded by beautiful forests, rolling hills, and verdant rice fields.

Hong village image

This is a historic site for the Adi tribe and is known as Kekar Monying. Memorials have been erected to commemorate the brave Adis who fought the British in 1911. A stone cliff stands 50 m high and 500 m in length. You can see the large stone houses in Tawang from here.

Komsing village

This ancient village is known for its historical and cultural significance and is situated on the Bomdila-Tawang Highway. The village is in a fortified area measuring approximately 3.2 acres. Due to the richness of the heritage structures found within the village, locals consider the village of Thembang as a monument on its own. Pre-historic archaeological evidence has also been excavated, and some of the items recovered include Neolithic Celt, various Neolithic tools, Stone Age axe etc.


Ita Fort is a 14th-15th century fort. Built in an irregular shape, it is believed to be constructed with 80 lakh bricks. One of its ramparts is 1.40 km in length. The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum at Itanagar houses unique woodcarvings, handicrafts, and musical instruments. It has a separate section for archaeology, where antique collections are exhibited. The handicraft section here lets you view the processing of cane manufacturing.