Article Writing How To Use Your Chakra Energy To Write

Article Writing: How To Use Your Chakra Energy To Write

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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The seven Chakras are the hidden energy centres in your body through which you receive, process and transmit life energies. They act as "energy transformers" and influencers of change.

Your thoughts, emotions or actions can either block or activate these hidden energy centres. In this article, I address ways to activate each of the Chakras to improve your article writing.

1. Base Chakra - the energy of existence

This energy source is associated with survival, self-preservation and security. The major blockages to activating the Base Chakra are "self-sabotage" or self-talk that is full of self-doubt. The real tragedy is that, unless you can manage these self-doubts, you cut yourself off from the other six sources of energy.

You can activate the Base Chakra by: * Confronting your doubts as self-sabotage and challenging them * Visualising your completed article and the sense of achievement you will experience with publication * Sharing your concerns with others who have been successful in article writing * Listening to your body and learning to release any tensions associated with article writing

2. Naval Chakra - the energy of activity

This source of energy is experienced as "excitement" and is associated with doing, movement, creativity and achievement. The major blockage to this energy source is inactivity brought on by procrastination and self-doubt.

You can activate the Naval Chakra by: * Checking out online forums and article directories for potential topics of interest to readers * Making notes on an article topic * Aiming for a rough first draft (do not let your perfectionist streak intervene!) * Trying "speed writing" - write what comes to mind without concern for grammar, sentence structure or spelling (helps to thwart perfectionism) * Taping your ideas - try using an audio tape to get ideas down

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - the energy of control

This energy is experienced as "clarity" and is associated with your sense of personal power and self control. The major blockage to this energy source is a lack of order through the absence of planning. You can tap into the energy of control by creating order, structure, form or guidance.

You can activate the Solar Plexus Chakra by: * Capturing potential article topics in a document or Excel file * Matching your task to your energy level - if you are a "morning person" do your creative writing in the morning and your related routine tasks at night * Capturing ideas on how to write articles and creating your own set of guidelines * Setting up documents on your computer with article headings and doing occasional "brain dumps" * Building your own list of preferred article directories for submission of articles (include submission URL and key requirements, eg. word length, format) * Establishing output targets and a routine for article writing

4. The Heart Chakra - the energy of community

This energy is experienced as "connection" - brought about by your relationships with others and by engaging them in collaborative activity. The major blockage to this energy source is "isolation" - cutting yourself off from supportive relationships.

You can engage the Heart Chakra by: * Participating in discussion forums focused on article writing * Developing a "learning partnership" with one other person for your mutual benefit * Connecting to other people through workshops and teleconferences * Sharing your article ideas with a "significant other" - your life partner, for example * Taking time out to be with your friends * Joining an action learning group devoted to article writing

5. The Throat Chakra - the energy of meaning

This energy is experienced as expression and is associated with metaphors, communication and beliefs. The blocks to this form of energy are unclear thinking and a lack of focus.

You can engage your Throat Chakra by: * Journaling to capture your thoughts and reflections * Drawing diagrams and flowcharts to clarify what you are trying to say in your writing * Developing concept maps to clarify the relationships amongst activities, ideas & principles * Using metaphors to create new perspectives and meanings

6. The Third Eye Chakra - the energy of integration

This energy is experienced as intuition and is associated with left and right brain, integration of male and female, wisdom and holistic approaches. One of the major blocks to this form of energy is "busyness" - incessant activity with no time for reflection.

You can engage your Third Eye Chakra by: * Undertaking creative activity - e.g. painting, drawing or writing poetry * Being still - getting in touch with nature and your own body * Taking a walk - physical activity provides a good balance for sitting and writing * Clearing the clutter from your desk and your life - a cluttered workspace can clutter your mind

7. The Crown Chakra - the energy of Spirit

This energy is experienced as transcendence and is associated with higher purpose, vision and higher consciousness. The major block to this energy is an obsession with Materialism.

You can embrace the Crown Chakra by: * Meditating - this helps you get in touch with your higher consciousness * Singing - helps you to find your deeper self * Revisiting your spiritual origins - this may be through prayer or participation in religious activities

The Chakras are interconnected and interdependent. They embrace the whole person - the irrational and rational, the intuitive and emotional, the pragmatic and the aesthetic and the material and spiritual.

You can activate your Chakras to improve your article writing and your daily living.

Copyright 2005 Ron Passfield

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