Are You Content With Your Blog Content Avoid the 5 Blog Bloopers that Will KILL Your Credibility

Are You Content With Your Blog Content? Avoid the 5 Blog Bloopers that Will KILL Your Credibility

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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So everybody's bloggin', but what makes one web marketer's blog a hotbed of marketer activity and massive sale converter... while another blog just sits there collecting hits but getting no real business? Check the Five Bloggin' Bloopers that will kill your credibility and drive business right into the other guy's lap... then avoid them like the plague!

Blog Blooper 1. Not branding yourself.

How will people who land on your blog via the links and search engine results know who you are unless you tell them? Try to close every blog entry you write with a signoff or call-to-action. Example: "Need a copywriter? Email" This way, no matter what your fans are reading, they'll be reminded of you, your website and what you can offer them.

Blog Blooper 2. Sharing too much personal information.

If you're blogging for business, stick to business. Sure, it's okay to reveal a few amusing details now and then... but if you gab too much on your blog, all you'll succeed in doing is attract other gabbers. Remember your purpose in all this, and keep your topics closely geared fulfilling the business needs of your target audience.

Blog Blooper 3. Too many links to competitor sites.

Your fans will love you for sharing resources, and if you link to "friendly neighborhood service providers like yourself", this will endear those marketers to you and your blog and prompt reciprocal links back. However, be sure to choose your outbound links wisely. Select complimentary service providers... not ones who offer exactly what you do!

Blog Blooper 4. Not enough "spice."

Post an intriguing or controversial viewpoint, and your readers are more likely to jump into the conversation with posted comments. The more activity on your blog, the more people are "following along" as the plot develops, and the more repeat visitors you'll get. If everyone's flocking to your blog, that means better page rank for you. So please do "spice it up!"

Blog Blooper 5. All "pickup articles," no personality.

Hey, now there's a great way to develop your web style - only post other people's tips, stories and advice. Nothing like drawing a crowd and then sending them away to other folks' website because you never took the time to reveal your opinions, advice, or even your line of business for that matter! Sure, search engines feed on article content, but you MUST develop your blog persona or you will NEVER get business!

Okay, now that we've laid down the blogging laws, it's time for you to hit the blogosphere and make a name for yourself. Start from scratch and have fun with it. I know you can blog like a web marketing pro.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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By: Dina Giolitto


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