Are you an adrenaline junkie? Rush to Nepal

Author: Pritha Khanal
Date: 2018-11-03

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Adventure for me has always been trying something new; be it the most thrilling sport or just exploring a new place, I have been desperately missing the feeling lately. Like in 2016 around this time, I had already jumped off a 160 ft long bridge in The Last Resort, which was a huge tick mark on my to-do list.  Truly, you feel more accomplished and living your dream when you do something edgy and thrilling. Life is too short to not take chances, to experience the safest extremities whenever possible. 
Today through this post, I want to share all the adventure sports I had dreamt of and dared to try and done, and why you should do them too. Believe me when I say experiencing any adventure sport once will be a lifetime experience you were glad to go through. 

Ziplining was the first ever sport I did based on a rather spontaneous decision, unlike paragliding and bungee jumping that were planned a month in advance. I had expected it to be more thrilling than bungee jumping, but it looked quite easy when I reached the top. The most thrilling feeling comes once you fill the form and head to the hills above with loud music blaring from the jeep you’re riding. 
So, as we stepped up onto the platform and put on the harness, the instructors gave all the instructions with an ever so stern face. And on the countdown of 3, 2, 1, we were released to a vertical drop of 600 meters out of the total distance of 1800 meters. It was incredible! The expeience of going down on the longest, steepest, tallest, and fastest zipline in the world!! For a second or two I couldn’t feel my senses, and when the weightlessness was over and we got hung in a straight rope, I got a few seconds to admire the view.
Note: It isn’t as scary as it looks and the speed at which you descend depends on your body weight.

Where you can do it? 
ZipFlyer, Pokhara Nepal. From Sarangkot Hill, 10 kms from Pokhara.      
Features: One of the world’s most extreme zipline. It’s the longest, steepest, tallest, and fastest. 
Price: 3500/- per person (excluding videos)

More a recreation than a thrill, paragliding has to be the easiest of all sports (except for those with acrophobia). Flying off a 1500 meter hilltop of Sarangkot with a glider is hands down the best way to enjoy the view of Pokhara. When your pilot harnesses you and asks you to run as fast as you can to leave the ground, the moment is a little scary, but the moment you feel your legs dangling in the open air, the feeling is of utmost pleasure. Flying through clouds, above the surreal Phewa Lake, enjoying the scenic jungles and mountains, and also getting the chance to control the glider for a minute is absolute happiness. However, one might feel a little nauseated on being at a high altitude for long. But don’t worry, your pilot will have preparations for that as well. 

Where you can do it? 
Pokhara, Nepal. (Almost all the travels and adventure companies will lead you to it. Rate is fixed so there’s no problem anywhere. Just make sure you are provided with proper pick and drop facility)
Also in Kathmandu and Bandipur, but highly preferred and recommended is Pokhara.
Price: 5500/- per person, with extra 1500 for videos. 

The ultimate adrenaline rush and real achievement is jumping off the 160 meters deep bridge in one of the most naturally dangerous gorges. As we reached the resort, we were provided with instructions and got our weight measured. Participants were divided into two groups: those weighed below 60 kg and others above it. Both my friends and I being in the same group had the chance to go in the beginning. Looking at the others falling made it look easy, but just as we got our harnesses on and were made stand on the edge, real fear hit us. 
“It’s a bungee jump, not bungee push” was what our bungee instructor told me when I asked if they would push if I was not able to jump. But, as I heard the countdown to jump, I instinctively jumped. I realized where I was only when I was completely down. I couldn’t completely feel the weightlessness but got a real thrill while hanging down. The sky above looked like a thin blue line; the voices of people above were faded by the growling Bhotekoshi beneath, and the view around looked so utterly gorgeous that I cannot put it into words.
Well, you’ve got to do it to know it for yourself. 
Where you can do it? 
The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi or Blue Moon Bungee, Pokhara. 
Price: The Last Resort: 4100/- (excluding meals and accommodation); Blue Moon Bungee: 4200/-