Another Content Writers Inspiration My Work Process Explained

Another Content Writer’s Inspiration: "My Work Process Explained"

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-02-01

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HI, I’m Nick from the 411Writers team, and if you are at least one bit interested in another content writer’s inspiration story, you are more than welcome to give this article a chance. This will be a 101 of my work process. Of course, inspiration comes and goes and can’t be exactly the same every time but I’ll summarize the most important things that keep me going.

Also, when you’re paid to reach a certain word count on a daily basis, you must find your ways…

#1. Coffee

Okay, first thing’s first, and I couldn’t care less how much of a cliche this is, but coffee is important. Period. Black tea also works, with a little bit of milk, just like an English guy (plot twist - I’m Bulgarian). To be honest, any warm drink that doesn’t taste awful works. I just get this "cozy sensation", relax my mind, and I’m ready to roll.

#1.1. Alcohol?
Yes, please! But, in most of the time, I work in an office. An office with a strict no-alcohol policy. This 1.1 applies only for freelance work or me writing for myself. Coffee is still on the list though, I just need to have a few beers and why not a double Scotch for dessert…

#2. Music

Okay, I’m done with the Bukowski bullshit. Skipping forward to choosing background music. I am a self-learned musician and I love music. Almost any kind of music is welcome. Choosing the right music depends on the project I’m working on. I split them into 3 categories.

The quantity kind;
The quality kind;
The third kind;

For the quantity kind, (which used to be 70% of my daytime job), the SEO agency I worked for had dozens of new customers daily. We would write the same spun content with different keywords and success stories until we break the keyboards. Then we get new keyboards and keep on with the same old, same old… For that kind, I just go with Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist (the only reason I love Mondays). After I’m bored with it and I’m still not done, I would usually play alternative/indie rock Spotify/Pandora/Youtube/friends suggestions.

The quality kind requires more concentration and music can be quite distracting. I mentioned that I love music. I can’t "waste" a potentially good song as a background music. My brain needs to focus on the writing and not admiring that funky bass line. Luckily for me, there is music composed especially for that kind. Any Lo-Fi playlist out there will do the trick for me. I also find the Vaporwave genre work just fine. Never heard of it? Just Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

Okay, it’s time to reveal the mystics about this "third kind". There is not a particular example of a writing job that classifies as "the third kind". Every "quantity" or "quality" kind can transform into the third kind. This is when I really need a reboot. How do I reboot myself? Stop the music? Nice try… Well, I technically pause whatever is currently playing and I go to these "white noise generators". However, I don’t go for the white noise option, I prefer the brown noise much better. It’s a mix of lower frequencies that matches my dark thoughts perfectly…

#3. The Actual Writing

I’ll spare the usual "initial research, keyword strategy, target audience" talk. Yes, all of these are required and if you actually need someone to tell you that, you should give up on content writing. Anyway, back to me and how I do it…

As fast as possible!

Honestly, when I’m overthinking it, it ends up badly. If my coffee is alright and my headphones/stereo work, there’s nothing that can stop me. I’m not talking about rushing! I’m talking about letting your imagination become a well-structured piece of words. Just like Mr. Ray Bradbury says:

"Write. Don't think. Relax."

I couldn’t agree more. And I need my coffee and choice of music to do that. The rest is believing in myself, which I do, obviously.

It’s been exactly 43 minutes since I started writing this (Facebook chatting included). I feel like it’s time to finish things up. This is the tricky part. The endings usually take more time than the actual piece…

Anyway, I’m going to end this right now. Any thoughts?

My name is Nick and I've been a content writer for so long... I wanted to keep on writing but in a different way. This is when 411Writers happened. Our purpose is to provide quality content writing. A better quality content writing. If you are interested, you know what to do:

website: email:

By: Nick Geo

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