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Amazing Tourist Places in Nagaland Perfect for First-Timers

Author: Abhishek Gurung
Date: 2020-03-26

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There are no definitive answers as to which is the best destination for a tourist to visit. Every year, new places pop up on the tourism radar like the soothing coastal Tranquebar in Tamil Nadu and historic Bhogwe in Maharashtra that open up new travel options. The northeastern states of India throw equally surprising elements of fun, romanticism, and adventure that are waiting to be experienced. It was like just yesterday that this section of India was unheard of and less explored but with engaging social media platforms, it’s got its tourism game on. Nagaland, one of the eight states puts the rest of India to shame when we speak of vibrant festivals, colourful traditional attire, unique architecture, gastronomic cuisine, bizarre spices, and some of the heart-lifting tourist places. 

“Are you looking for an adventure of a lifetime? You’ve come to the right place, Nagaland” 

The only plain area you will ever come across in Nagaland is Dimapur. A major city and the entry point of Nagaland, Dimapur has so much to offer. The most notable attraction here is the 13th-century Kachari Ruins. It is evidence of Ahom invasion in Dimapur. The outskirt of the city also has many nature places to visit that are ideal for tourists. For nature and wildlife aficionados, you must take a trip to Rangapahar Reserve Forest. And also visit Diezephe Craft Village to wander through the beautiful traditional art and jewellery of Nagaland. You can also shop for some of the exquisite local products unique to different places of Nagaland.

Seithekima Village
As a tourist seeking a getaway into the unknown parts of Nagaland and trying to explore the quintessential village life, Seithekima Village may be one of the right places for you to visit in Nagaland. Here, the most famous attraction is Triple Falls. The water cascades from a height of about 280 ft into a natural pool. This is one of those places in Nagaland that is perfect for trekking where you can listen to the sounds of nature and soak in the rustic beauty of nature. 

A favourite place for every traveller and tourist to halt in Nagaland is Kohima—a hill station and the capital city of Nagaland. Kohima is famous for Hornbill Festival that caters to everyone’s taste in music, food, and dance. It's got a cosy setting with a wet atmosphere almost throughout the year. This is the easiest hill city to visit in Nagaland with easy and direct access from Dimapur. You can find almost every kind of attraction, from wildlife at Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary to history at Kohima War Cemetery. The city has a splash of traditional and modern take on architecture. Exploration will take you across ancient ruins, old graveyards,s, and abandoned villages. One of the best places to get an uninterrupted view of the city is from Puliebadze Peak.

Khonoma Green Village
You’ve heard of the world's cleanest village in Meghalaya, Mawlynnong; Well, Nagaland has the greenest village, Khonoma. This village is home to one of Nagaland’s tribes, Angami, who have given up hunting and taken up responsible agriculture instead. The houses you will see in the village are made of natural items, and the streets are clean with dustbins put up around every corner. It is certainly one of the most inspiring places in Nagaland where men and women run along the fields working, using handwoven baskets to collect their goods. The air is fresh, and people are welcoming. As a mere tourist trying to get away from the monotonous tourist places, you will definitely enjoy a low-key moment here. 

Dzukou Valley
A valley that borders Manipur and Nagaland, Dzukou Valley is among the best places you will ever come across. Perfect for amateur trekkers and campers, Dzukou Valley is the ideal trekking circuit in the whole of Nagaland. It offers that certain charm you’ve probably been looking for; it is quiet, soothing, green, and far away from civilization. It is named after the Dzukou Lily, which blooms only here. It is one of those places where the streams criss-cross each other, giving a visual treat to the eye. The misty mountains in a distance, lush green meadow, small wooden bridges, and bamboo shrubs and purple lilies look exactly like those in a fairy tale. The valley has private guesthouses and a large dorm with a separate kitchen sanctioned by Nagaland tourism. However, you can also bring your own tents or camp under a cave if you feel more adventurous. 

If you are one of those tourists seeking a soothing environment away from the busy life yet not too far away from the bustling markets then Mokokchung is one of the ideal places for you. Mokokchung is located in the heart of Nagaland. It is undeniably the most stunning hill town.  Being the center of Nagaland, the road is distributed to various other towns and villages. Mokokchung is situated close to many villages, which have unique backgrounds and folktales attached to them. There is the historic village of Ungma that is said to be the first place founded by the Ao naga tribe. Then there is Longkhum Village best known for its pristine beauty and also their ethnic handloom and amazing handicraft work. 

Longwa Village
In the farthest northern hill region of Mon district in Nagaland lies one of the most enchanting places called Longwa Village. It is known for its dual citizenship of Indian and Burmese (Myanmar). This is because the village is situated right on the borders of these two countries. This fact alone fascinates all kinds of tourists to come to Nagaland. The chief’s house for instance has half part in India and the other in Myanmar. Come here and you will get to see some of the tattooed locals who are the descendants of the Nagaland headhunters. Although body tattooing is no more practiced after the rise of Christianity in Nagaland, the future generations still maintain their ancestry rights by displaying the human skulls of their enemies and also many animals in their homes. You can also witness their hunting days that is displayed through their dance which is showcased in various festivals in places like the Hornbill Festival and many other local events.  

Mount Saramati
The highest mountain peak in Nagaland, Saramati borders India and Myanmar. It is also one of the most difficult places to trek in the whole of Nagaland. Many of the trekkers take the help of a local guide/village person to navigate through the dense forest. But all this makes trekking more adventurous and fun. Mount Saramati is located in Kiphire district of Nagaland and it is in the easternmost part at an elevation of approx 3841 mt. Its sub-tropical atmosphere makes it rich in biodiversity with all kinds of natural flora and fauna along with various kinds of orchids. During the winter season, the peak is covered in snow. Mount Saramati is the sole mountain peak in Nagaland that receives snow. 

Another one-of-a-kind place you can explore in Nagaland is the Phek district. The entire district is filled with enchanting tourist places and attracts tons of travellers yearly. Its surreal landscape that is dotted with lakes and rivers overlooking the mighty Mount Saramati is beyond comparison. Many people come to soak in the solitude and tranquility. It has many tourist places but the most famous one is Shilloi Lake. It is located at the base of the Pataka Range. The lake is shaped like a foot. Dzudu Lake is another interesting place to visit. It is great for bird watchers.

Mount Tiyi
One of the idealistic places to visit in Nagaland for nature lovers and history buffs is Mouth Tiyi. Mount Tiyi is located in Wokha district, which is famous for its uninterrupted view of the Doyang River. According to the local people, this place holds cultural importance. They believe that the departed souls dwell amid the mountains of Tiyi. It is also one of the great places to hike and trek to the peak. While doing so, you can uncover lush meadows and dense forest, with wildflowers blooming from every corner. 

Nagaland has more to offer and more unheard places to explore. If you ever plan to come to Nagaland, better take a long holiday because there is so much to explore in Nagaland. Keep reading and travelling. 

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