Advance or Retreat

Advance or Retreat?

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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The ... ... strongly imply the Age of man ends 6,000 years from Adam. In Genesis, man was created on the sixth day. The number of man is six; ... and ... The number of divin

The Christian Scriptures strongly imply the Age of man ends 6,000 years from Adam. In Genesis, man was created on the sixth day. The number of man is six; imperfect and incomplete. The number of divinity, perfection, and completion is seven as the days of our week. The number of the beast is six deified, 666 = me, myself and I, an unholy trinity. As mankind transitions from the Age of Man into the Kingdom Age, in his struggle to dominate, he cannot succeed. It is only a reflex action in a long history of struggle.

When we read of the end of the Age of Man in the Scriptures, we find a time comes when the prudent action is to run and hide. 11 September, 2001, servants of God destroyed the two chief symbols of Mystery Babylon the Great. The servants did not destroy the power of Mystery Babylon, only the symbols. The world is warned. The foolish ignore the warning. The wise retreat and prepare to survive the greatest upheaval since Noah’s flood.

End time Scripture points to a global population reduction of two thirds. This is good news for all who are sure we are too many today. They will not be required to decide who lives and who dies. Millions believe they will be removed a safe distance from these events because they have been deceived. Hence, there is no reason for them to prepare for Armageddon. I have long seen the story of the Three Little Pigs as the story of prophetic fulfillment. Except I do not believe for a moment, that many survivors will survive in comfort. Only the best prepared are likely to do so.

There is and never will be such a thing as national security. Men at war will say peace and safety and many will take comfort in their words even as they intuitively know the promise to be false. Scriptures are clear. There is only personal security. A man of personal wealth might provide survival security for a hundred or a thousand for a year or two and what then happens if provision is required for six or seven years as it was in Egypt? Where will you turn for security and comfort? This is not a time for risk taking. This is THE time for minimizing risks. What are we willing to do without over the next twenty two years?

The recent U.S. election is portrayed as a great polarization of the people and it is a distraction from the global polarization. The fundamentalists of every faith know truly that the world is divided between the servants of God or the servants of the oppressed and the servants of Mammon or Mystery Babylon the Great alternatively known as corporate power - global trade, etc. In spite of this truth, fundamentalists cannot decide which they serve, God or Mammon. As a result they fight one another, they kill their prophets, discount or ignore their prophecies. Believe whatever you like and you will pay the price of that belief. If most people cannot see this polarization, it is only because they had their choice made for them and they are content with it, come hell and high water. For the rest of us, time is short for choosing.

It does not require a great imagination to see how difficult life will be when trade ceases and money buys nothing. A farmer with no fuel for his tractors will not produce much food and would be a fool to plant crops for the market, forsaking the needs of his own family and neighbors, if he even has any seed to plant. No one will work in a factory producing toilet paper when no one can pay for it or transport it to a market that no longer exists. Shouldn’t we begin thinking like squirrels, storing supplies for an especially long and difficult winter? In spite of all we are facing in the years ahead, life is currently good for the one third of the people who will bear witness to the violent end of the Age of (violent) Man. This is the ideal time to stock up on things we do not wish to do without, one, five, twenty years from now. The Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared. Those who value this motto should suffer the least of survivors. Those who simply go with the flow or fight the shadows of evil will find themselves seeking Boy Scouts who learned their lessons.

My mother would tell me she has been hearing about the end of the world since she was a girl and now she is old and probably could not care less if it does end. My guess is that most folks feel the same way and will not concern their selves with the matter. They won’t be warning anyone that time is short or trade will stop.

If you are one who might want to survive the four horsemen of the apocalypse, you would do well to begin your exit from corporate Babylon. Such is not an act, but a process. The ready alternative is what used to be called the black market. Today it is known as the free market, the underground economy, or the cash economy. Though trade in this economy is also likely to grind to a halt, corporate trade will stop first. Familiarity with your local free market could buy you some time to stock up on supplies no longer available in the Babylonian markets. It could also provide you with funds to buy corporate supplies after your corporate job disappear. If you are like the wise pig who withstands the wolf by means of foresight, you might save the lives of many neighbors by carefully storing survival supplies. Basics like seed, clean water, water purification equipment, nuts and grains, fuel, electrical generators, lamps and the many things we take for granted until we go hunting or camping. Fact is, the near future will be like camping. The better your equipment, the more comfortable you will be. If we are not at this point on the divine timeline, we have lost nothing by caring and preparing. I’d like to close with a paraphrase of the Serenity Prayer: Lord grant us the courage to change what we shouldFree Web Content, to accept the things we should not change and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Written by Ed Howes

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