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A bewitching experience in the capital of Nepal

Author: Tanuja Rai
Date: 2020-04-07

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The small and culturally rich country Nepal lies on the Himalayan range of South Asia sandwiched between India and China. A former monarch country, Nepal is today one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The varieties of landscapes, rich culture and heritage, religious temples, and beautiful places make Nepal one of the popular countries to visit. The whole country of Nepal is a combination of ancient heritage, culture, and advancing technologies. What is the capital city of Nepal you ask? The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is one of the most visited places in the country. Nepal offers spectacular natural places to visit and to be close to nature away from the daily weariness and rush of the outside world. However, Kathmandu has more to offer compared with some other parts of Nepal. The capital city of Nepal is famous for a lot of things and one of them is ancient temples.

Landscape of Nepal

The beautiful landscape of Nepal

With a population of around 975,453, the capital city of Nepal is spread over 50.67 square kilometres. This beautiful famous city of Nepal lies on a bowl-shaped valley at an elevation of 1,400 meters. Tourism is a huge factor in Nepal and the economy of this capital is basically from its tourism. The beauty of this city in Nepal is expanded by the mountains and lush greenery surrounding the place. The capital of Nepal is richly blessed with culture and amusing history. Kathmandu has many ancient religious temples attracting visitors from all around the world to Nepal. Like others parts of Nepal, the people in Kathmandu love to celebrate colourful and vibrant festivals. Most of the people residing in the capital city of Nepal are Hindu and some are Buddhist but everyone is united by love. They all work together to make a living in the capital and provide the best experiences to travellers visiting their country. Kathmandu in Nepal is ranked as one of the top travel destinations in the whole of Asia. Nepal is also considered one of the top 10 destinations to visit on earth.

Nepal through pictures

Kathmandu city

Capital city of Nepal - Kathmandu

If you are into adventure and love that adrenaline rush, the capital city of Nepal is the perfect destination for you. Tourists from all around the world come to Kathmandu, Nepal, for mountaineering, trekking, and hiking. If you have set up a really high goal for mountaineering without a second thought, you must visit Nepal and head towards its capital city Kathmandu. There are people from around the globe who come to Kathmandu for mountaineering on the famous Mt Everest in large numbers every year. Apart from the adventure enthusiasts, people seeking peaceful holidays in the capital also visit Kathmandu in Nepal. There are many bewitching places in and around the capital city of Nepal that magnetizes travellers. The weather of Nepal is like icing on the cake for tourists. The weather in Nepal remains cool and comfortable most of the year and a great variation in culture and faiths make visitors want to visit Nepal. It is for sure that if you visit Nepal for the first time you will love Nepal so much and everything it offers that you will want to come here again.

Market area in Kathmandu Nepal

Market area in Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is also rich in wildlife and biodiversity with a variety of animal and bird species. Nepal is also popular for its beautiful and freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. With natural beauty, massive mountains, and breathtaking adventurous activities the land of Himalayas, Nepal offers plenty of travel options in Kathmandu. There are many places of attractions in the capital of Nepal that are worth visiting. Kathmandu is also considered the cultural hub of Nepal. This interesting capital city of Nepal is full of colours, sights, sounds, smells, and action. Be prepared to experience and rejoice in the unique culture, festivals, and traditions of Nepal in Kathmandu. Some of the most famous places of attractions in Nepal are listed below.

The Durbar Square that dates around the 3rd or 4th century is one of the most visited places in Nepal. This place in the capital holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Nepal. It is still standing tall and beautiful as if it were newly constructed. When Nepal was a monarch country, the coronations were conducted here. Though there are no kings in Nepal today and no one gets crowned here now, this place is always flooded with people. Durbar Square is surrounded by ancient temples and beautiful courtyards. Visiting this place in the capital of Nepal is a must thing to do when in Nepal.

Durbar Square, Kathmandu

The famous Durbar Square of Nepal in capital city Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa of Kathmandu in Nepal is a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine and is considered as the holiest Buddhist temple of Tibetans in Nepal. This is one of the places in Nepal that is said to be highly sacred and regarded as a wish-fulfilling shrine. People from all around the world visit this stupa in Nepal to offer their prayers and make wishes in the hope of being blessed with ultimate happiness and prosperity.

Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal

Boudhanath Stupa in Nepal

The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal is also the most visited place in Nepal. Travellers seeking adventure mostly visit this place. Annapurna Circuit in Nepal falls under some of the best hiking routes on earth. The trip takes many days to complete but the view is worth taking the risk. The breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains and its ranges that fall in Nepal will surely pull you towards it.

Annapurna cicuit of Nepal

Annapurna circuit of Nepal

Bandipur village is located inside the Bandipur National Park of Nepal. Surrounded by the lovely and enchanting green hilltops, the village is extremely beautiful and fascinating. This village in Nepal is among the top tourist destinations in the capital of Nepal.

The hills that lie on the west side of Kathmandu in Nepal have a mythological Buddhist temple called Swayambhunath Stupa locally known as the “Monkey Temple’. This is one of the sacred temples of Nepal, and not just the outsiders from different countries visit it but the people residing in other parts of Nepal also come to offer their prayers here.

The whole capital is filled with temples but the breathtaking views of beautiful waterfalls also attract visitors. Most of the people rely on tourism in Nepal for a living, and they do not want their customers to compromise in any way. The people of Nepal are such welcoming and convivial people that they will do their best to provide you a great stay and experience while you are in Nepal. The tourism in Nepal is not just promoted by the Nepal government but also by the local people of Nepal themselves. Many places and sites in the capital city of Nepal are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. If you are interested in World Heritage Sites, visiting these places in Nepal is going to add on to the beauty of your trip to Nepal. The interesting country of Nepal has an abundance of wildlife and you can spot a wide and diverse variety of animal and bird species in the capital. You can also enjoy jeep safaris or elephant safaris and witness plenty of local fauna and flora of Nepal. Due to the variations of landscapes in the country, the diversity of flora and fauna in Nepal will make you really happy. Nepal is really a great destination for adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts, pilgrims, and simple vacationers. Chitwan National Park, which is about 120 km away from Kathmandu in Nepal, is a great place to spot animals, to experience elephant safaris, and be close to nature. Similarly, Parsa Wildlife Reserve near to Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, and Makalu Barun National Park are some of the places protected and reserved in Nepal and great for spotting animals and sightseeing. However these places in Nepal are not just for safaris but are perfect for adrenaline junkies visiting Nepal.

Hills of Kathmandu in Nepal

The hills of Kathmandu in Nepal

The enchanting capital city of Nepal will stun you and provide you with wonderful experiences to take home. You will also find yourself indulging in the delicious culinary delights of Nepal. Kathmandu in Nepal is perfect for all kinds of travellers. Whether you are with your family, friends, or are a solo traveller, you will not regret visiting Nepal. Nepal is also safe for female solo travellers. Be it river rafting, hitching hot air balloon rides, mountain biking, or bungee jumping, you will find all kinds of fun activities to do in the capital of Nepal. The landscape of Nepal ranges from steep hills and mountains to slightly hilly areas and plains.

Best time to visit the capital city of Nepal – Kathmandu

Nepal is an ideal country with a pleasant climate most of the time, but it is advised that visiting Nepal is best during the months of October and November during the fall season. However, the peak tourist season in the capital of Nepal is from late September that lasts up to the end of December. To experience the best holidays in the capital, you can visit the place during any of these months. There is no possible rainfall during these times, and the skies remain clear. The clear skies provide you spellbinding views of the Himalayan range and mountains of Nepal and pristine glaciers with comfortable temperature. The temperature in different parts of Nepal may vary slightly but during these months it ranges from 200 C to 260 C in Kathmandu. These months are perfect for people who want to go for trekking and other activities on the mountains and hills of Nepal.

Snowfall near Kathmandu in Nepal during winter

Snowfall near Kathmandu in Nepal during winter

If you want to enjoy the wonderful and colourful spring season of Nepal in Kathmandu, you can visit during the months of March and May. If you want to soak your soul in the beautiful picturesque views of the mountains and landscapes of Nepal, it is recommended not to visit Nepal during monsoon or summer. The temperature in Nepal during summer varies throughout the country, but it is mostly blazing hot in the capital city; hence, not a good time for holidays. However, if you want to experience the colourful and vibrant festivals of Nepal in Kathmandu you can visit the country any time of the year. Some of the important festivals in Nepal are celebrated during summer. March to May and September to December are the best months to visit Nepal and explore the cities; however, any time of the year is perfect to visit Nepal.

Festivals of Kathmandu in Nepal

The colourful country Nepal is full of life and diversity. Home to 123 ethnic groups who speak different languages and celebrate different festivals have made the capital of Nepal one of the cultural hubs of the country. The people of Nepal are full of life and are fond of religious and colourful festivals that take place in the city. They all celebrate festivals of all faiths and exchange love and respect among each other. Some of the major festivals celebrated by the people of Nepal in the capital city are Holi, Vijaya Dashami, Tihar, Chhath Parba, Gaijatra, Maha Shivaratri, Teez, Indra Jatra, and Bisket Jatra. Nepalese belonging to different communities come together to enjoy them in the capital city of Nepal. If you happen to be in Nepal during the celebration of any of these festivals, do not miss the chance to be a part of the festival. The food of Nepal also adds to the highlights of the festivals. The food of Nepal has all kinds of flavours, and during every festival, you will be able to taste many different and unique food of Nepal.

7 Events & Festivals of Nepal

Rangoli during Tihar festival in Nepal

Rangoli during Tihar festival in Nepal

Kathmandu in Nepal has seen rapid expansion with the increase in the number of visitors during the past decade. The capital of Nepal not only attracts tourists by its mesmerising views of the surroundings and ancient temples but it is also home to a plethora of other magnificent artworks, exquisite monuments, and sculptures. Out of many cities and towns to visit in Nepal, Kathmandu is one such city that welcomes a very large number of tourists in Nepal. This incredibly diverse city of Nepal, where ancient traditions and culture are zealously guarded and protected, will stun you.

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