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8 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick on Vacation

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Date: 2020-01-18

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Then, a day after your stay at a hotel, your stomach goes bad, and you spend every ten minutes on the toilet. The next thing you know, you are admitted to a health care facility and your vacation is ruined.

Getting ill on holiday and travel can spoil the fun. After waiting long for a wonderful week of break from work, you expect to enjoy the sunny beaches and tropical fruit salad. Then, a day after your stay at a hotel, your stomach goes bad, and you spend every ten minutes on the toilet. The next thing you know, you are admitted to a health care facility and your vacation is ruined. Worse, you have incurred hospital bills. You can prevent vacation sickness by following these steps.

  1. Learn about the destination. Before you book flights and make hotel reservations, read about the destination on the internet. See if there is an outbreak of a disease there. It is important to check online if there are health care facilities there.
  2. Be in good health before traveling. If you are already unwell days before the travel, your condition might get worse while on vacation. So, if you are planning to go on a vacation, make sure you be in shape. Eat well. Get ample rest.
  3. Book early. One of the reasons travelers experience stress on vacation is late booking, which in most cases turns out to be much of a hassle. Late booking means you only have a few hotel choices. Chances are, the best ones have already been booked. Plan your flights early. That way, you will avoid the holiday stress. Stress causes tension headaches, which may only render you listless during your trip.
  4. Buy bottled water. When you arrive at your destination, do not drink anything offered to you. Water may not be safe even at hotels. Instead, buy enough bottled water for drinking. If you go hiking and camping, make sure to bring enough bottled water. Do not drink water from springs or streams. Travelers’ diarrhea is usually due to contaminated water.
  5. Be careful what you eat. When ordering food at restaurants in a foreign place, do not order raw meat or salads. Order cooked food! Raw food and improperly cooked food may contain pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Food sold by street vendors can look tasty, but they may not be properly prepared. At the same time, beware of local delicacies. You probably can taste a bit, but don’t imbibe the whole dish. Your digestive system may not be accustomed to these dishes, and you may end up with upset stomach.
  6. Take pills for motion sickness. Traveling means you will have to ride on a bus, train, plane, or cruise ship. All of these may trigger dizziness and nausea in people with motion sickness. So, if you have had episodes of throwing up on a train in the past, you probably should bring motion sickness medications on your travel. See your doctor for the right prescription.
  7. Consider the climate in your destination, because it determines what clothes to wear and gear to bring. Light clothing and hats are essential if you are going to the Caribbean. If you are camping on the mountains of Colorado, consider sweaters and safety boots. In places where there is a lot of sunshine, you must bring sunscreens and sunglasses.
  8. Observe hygiene and sanitation. Wash your hands before handling food. Bring hand sanitizers everywhere you go.

If you should ever get sick due to the food at the hotel you are stayingFeature Articles, you can claim compensation. Holiday illness can make you eligible for compensation if it’s the fault of the hotel owner or tour operator.

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By Cedric Loiselle

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