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8 reasons why Sikkim is a top holiday destination

Author: Pema Yankee bhutia
Date: 2021-06-23

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A land of fascination, mystery, and romance, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is one place in the country that interests every kind of traveller. Be it history, nature, or wildlife, this beautiful state always tops the chart, especially when it comes to untouched beauty. Hence, it would be perfectly fine to say that Sikkim is the ultimate travel destination in India.

The state is famous for dazzling waterfalls, virgin forests, alpine meadows, rhododendron flowers, and more. Khangchendzonga, the third highest peak in the world, also lies in Sikkim.

Listed below are 8 major reasons why every traveller must consider planning a trip to Sikkim once in their lifetime.

(1) Richly Diverse Wildlife

Sikkim has one of the largest forest covers in India and accounts for about 50% of the total land. So, when half of Sikkim is blessed with rich and thick forests, how can it stay away from a richly diverse wildlife?

Unarguably, it is home to numerous rare and endangered species of plants and animals. It is one place where you can spot the endangered red panda. Sikkim is also home to hundreds of colourful species of migratory and indigenous birds. So, if you are a wildlife lover and a photographer, Sikkim deserves to be on your bucket list.

(2) The Land of Sky-touching Mountains

Sikkim is nestled in the lap of the great Eastern Himalayas. Hence, over a period of time it has become the foremost choice for several mountaineers.

If you are looking forward to savouring the beauty of snow-capped mountains, then Sikkim is a wonderful destination for you. There are some wonderful treks that take you close to several noteworthy peaks.

(3) A Paradise for Trekkers and Campers

Apart from forests and snow-clad mountains, the major natural beauty that makes Sikkim a heavenly expanse and a must-visit destination for travellers is its undulating towering hills that are covered with lush vegetation. On account of these beautiful hills, it has become a perfect weekend stoppage for several trekkers and campers.

Don’t you think a night spent atop a hill from where you can capture the best of panoramas and where you can savour the best of nature would be worth remembering? If yes, then the hills and mountains of Sikkim are calling you.

4. Home to Beautiful Monasteries

If Sikkim is called the home of peace, then it is certainly on account of the presence of beautiful age-old monasteries within its boundaries. These religious complexes are of great significance, and hence, they have become must-visit tourist attractions in the state.

If you yearn for places of calm and spirituality, then these monasteries should be your stoppages: Rumtek Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, Phodong Monastery, Lachen Monastery, and Ralanga Monastery. Their peaceful aura will certainly compel you to stay in Sikkim forever.

5. Cultural Beauty

Sikkim is said to be one of the oldest inhabited regions in Northeast India and has a history dating back to thousands of years. Sikkim is like a beautiful cultural bouquet that is adorned with age-old traditions and customs of different tribes and castes. These myriad cultures have given birth to a quintessential Sikkimese culture that encompasses all walks and ways of life. Having said that, Sikkim has also managed to retain its own identity. These can also be seen in their festivals, various places of worship, and cultural dances that are celebrated throughout the year.

The ceremonial mask dance performances are a must-watch when you plan a trip to Sikkim. They are performed by the monks with superfluous zeal and energy. The sparkling jewellery and swords add to the authenticity of the performance while they dance to the resounding drums and trumpeting of horns.

6. People of Sikkim

Another thing that can make your trip to Sikkim an unforgettable memory is the friendly nature of its locals.

Sikkim is a unique blend of different customs, religion, and traditions of different communities. Since ancient times, Sikkim was occupied by three tribes, namely, Lepchas, Bhutias, and Nepalese. The Nepalese population dominates a considerable portion of Sikkim’s population and that is why Nepali is also the most common language among all the others in Sikkim. Recently, people have flocked over from the entire country and many Bengalis, Punjabis and Biharis have settled in to set up travel and construction businesses. Hence, a fusion of many cultures can be spotted but the state has remained exceptionally friendly and peaceful.

7. Sikkimese Cuisine

Food is simply amazing here! Sikkimese cuisine is a blend of three cultures: Nepalese, Tibetan and Sikkim. Hence, it’s a blast of flavours that tickles the taste buds in the right way! The dumplings (momos), thupka, phagshapa (pork dish), sha phaley (deep-fried bread stuffed with beef and cabbage), gundruk (staple Nepalese food made using leafy vegetables), and sinki soup (made of radish tap roots) are the must-try Sikkimese food. These delicacies are something that you cannot miss if you love to experiment when it comes to food. The flavours that you’ll experience in Sikkim will always remind you of your journey to this spellbinding state.

8. Most Cleanest State

If you are looking for pristine places for a holiday, look no further than Sikkim; it was awarded the cleanest state in India. It is also the first state in India that has banned plastic and firecrackers successfully. It is also completely organic and environment-friendly.


Sikkim is a welcoming place and the people there will definitely melt your heart. Their hospitality is amazing and you cannot help but overstay your vacation.

Take a look at some Sikkim tour packages and book a holiday that’s perfect for you.

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