motorcycle Face Shield is Necessity

7 Reasons Why Motorcycle Face Shield is Necessity

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Date: 2020-02-01

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There are different types of motorcycle face shields that you can choose from. There is a full face motorcycle shields, this type is considered the safest as it covers your entire face. It will provide protection all round your face. Also, there is half face or three quarter face shield. This type covers the offers protection mainly around your forehead and eyes. Many motorcyclists who enjoy riding at high speeds choose the full face shield option for maximum protection. Here are 5 reasons why a motorcycle face shield should be a necessity.


  1. It protects you from face injuries in case of an accident.

Nobody plans to get an accident but they still happen in our day to day lives. As a motorcyclist, it is therefore important that you wear your helmet with face shield for head and face protection in case an accident may occur. In this case the helmet with face shield becomes your immediate surrounding, it keeps you comfortable and protected so that you can enjoy your ride. Apart from the motorcycle helmet and face shield, you should also wear other protective clothing.

  1. It protects you from sun glare and leads to increased vision

As a motorcyclist, you never know when you can ride your motorcycle into a sun glare. All it takes is turning a corner and finding the sun either directly into your face. This excess light may blind you. And because you won’t be able to see clearly you may accidentally ride into other motorists or even cause an accident. The face shields comes in various shades/ tints and lengths. This type is primarily used to reduce the glare from sunlight from the wearer.  A motorcycle face shield will prevent the sun glare from interfering with your vision. It is therefore important that you wear your motorcycle face shield all the time to avoid unnecessary accidents.

  1. It protects you from bugs and other insects.

Full face motorcycle shield will prevent bugs and other flying insects from entering your eyes, nose, mouth and even your ears. In a case where you are riding your motorbike and don’t have your face shield on you may end up being bitten by bugs or other insects which may hit directly into your face causing unnecessary discomfort.

  1. It protects you from dirt and debris

 A motorcycle face shield will also protect you from dirt and debris. Dirt may hit directly into your face as you are riding your motorbike. This may interfere with your vision. When dirt enters your breathing system through your nose which may also cause you discomfort. Debris may also be pelted by wind against your face and may lead to unnecessary facial injuries. To avoid all these, always put on your motorcycle helmet with face shield whenever you are going for a ride.

  1. It protects you in bad weather

It may accidentally start to rain, snow or hail. Trust me, if you did not put on your helmet with face shield, then you are doomed. Rain may splash in your eyes and blur your vision. Snow will also interfere with your vision. When hail hits directly in your face it may lead to injury. Riding in such bad weather conditions becomes a nightmare if you don’t have your face shield and other protective wear on. To enjoy your ride, you have to wear them all the time.

  1. Good ventilation and increased comfort in warm weather

The motorcycle face shields can flip up or down, this helps in allowing air flow inside the helmet. Good ventilation system keeps the riders head cool in hot days. In warm weather you can therefore enjoy increase comfort as well as face protection. It also helps in keeping the interior of the helmet dry and fresh. When it’s raining, it keeps the face shield from fogging.

  1. It keeps your head area warm during cold seasons

During cold seasons, if you close down your face shield, it will keep the helmet warm by preventing cold air from entering your helmet through the front area.


With the reasons above, you can clearly see why it is necessary that you wear a motorcycle helmet with a face shield. And when choosing your motorcycle face shieldFree Reprint Articles, always make sure that it is of good quality and it is optically correct so that your vision does not get tired. Motorcycle face shield are usually very easy to switch so you can buy a tinted one for use during bright sunny days or a clear one for use in all seasons. For full body protection it is important that you wear as well other protective clothing like motorcycle jackets that has armored protection. Welcome to our website to access high quality motorcycle face shields at affordable prices.

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Written by : Chris Mark

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