6 Ways to Blog More Effectively

6 Ways to Blog More Effectively

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-29

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Blogging is one of the easiest and fastest way to establish your present online, while making money. However, its not as easy as getting started to keep your blog going. To have a blog that can last and make you money, you need traffic and readership. Many people start blogging with high hopes of earning money, but before they achieve their goals, they simply give up. Most of the time it is because of some simple things that they didn't incorporated into their blogging. Here are 6 powerful tips to help you blog more effectively.

Stick With A Topic
Readers may or may not be interested in your topic, but if your content is engaging enough, it will make them remember your blog and come back to it for more.
Being topical doesn't mean you cant talk about multiple topics, you certainly can. I do it myself. Once in a while i try myself on writing something completely different. But, having one topic as your main focus, specially when your blog is just developing, helps to gain and keep a good amount of readers, so you can get your leg up. It is easier to focus on one topic and most people like to keep up with their favorite topic. As i said you can talk about anything you want, but jumping from topic to topic can hurt your image when your just beginning. Readers tend to trust bloggers who specialize on one topic than those who offer word of wisdom about any and every subject available. Keep in mind that most favorable topics amongst blog readers, cover many subtopics as well. Take my blog for example. Its about online money making. Online money making covers everything from paid surveys and gpt to affiliate marketing and MLM. So, i really have a lot of room to maneuver around. Most subjects are like that.

Create Fresh Content Continuously
Make a schedule and stick to it. Many people say you have to post at least once a day, many go further and do it 3-4 times a day. But, no matter what you do, it is important that you set realistic goals for yourself. If you know you cant deliver 2 articles a day, than don't. You will make yourself disappointed and thats not what you need when you are trying to get your blog going. Now i am not saying if you think you can just do one post a week , than just do one post every week. No, that will kill your blog right away. New blogs are being born every second, and people like fresh new content. If they cant find it on your blog, they will find it somewhere else. So make sure you do post frequently, but set a realistic goal that you can achieve. It will boost your self confidence, and that will help you set a better and higher goals to achieve.

Clear Language Counts
The simpler and clearer you write, the more readers you will attract. Avoid writing inside jokes that only you or at most couple of your readers understand. Your blog is new and you have to target your work on first time visitors to turn them into your blog readers. Dont make them feel as if they are not part of the conversation, because of an inside joke you used which they have no clue about.

Spiders Are Watching You!
Make your blog an active blog. Blog search engines are sensitive to activity, Search engines will notice if a blog is active and constantly updated. They are always looking to find quality blogs. And a quality blog is updated several times a week, if not every day, as opposed to once or twice a month. It does not mean to just feed garbage to your blog just for the sake of updating it. Keep quality your number one priority, if you plan to have a long lasting successful blog.

Proof Read Your Content Before Going Live
Now, I know I am not the guy who is supposed to talk about this, but it is important. I do my best to proof read each of my articles before publishing them at least twice. But English not being my tongue language, I miss once in a while. I always notice mistakes here and there on even the biggest and most famous blogs. I know some times, no matter what, you are going to miss one, thats ok. Readers are more generous than to hold you accountable for one or two mistakes her and there. But, make sure of you take time to proof read your content, before publishing them. Now, many readers may not mind it, but the majority of people dont take it lightly.

Read and Respond To Questions or Comments From Your Readers
Do you know how many times I stopped reading a blog after being a continues reader for weeks and months, just because i never got any response to my comment or questions? I know that not every comment need a respond, but after a person has been reading your blog for a while and left a couple of comment, if you want to keep that reader coming back, you better respond to their comments. People need to know that they count and their comment matters to you. It is so selfish to just want people to read your blog, but you don't want to take a moment once in a while to respond to them. Let your readers know that you car about them, that their thoughts matter to you. I would even go as far as sending them an email once in a while to thank them for being your reader and telling them how they give you the motivation to keep going. People like that kind of special connection. We are all human. We like to bond and connect with others. A simple thank you email or a well written respond to their comment, can turn your visitors into loyal readersFind Article, who will keep coming back to your blog.

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Making money in today's economy is hard which is why Satrap Darabi created his website, www.BlogStash.com as a way to help people learn how to use the opportunities on the web to earn money.

By  Satrap Darabi

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