5 Ways to Reduce your travelling cost while travelling to any destination

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-08

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Want to make your travel within budget? Who else don't like it? Here are the five tips which will help you reduce the budget of your travel and help you while travelling the world. 

We all like to travel, did not we? When the human life started in the earth, he/she travelled the world a lot. Before the beau monde, the human had lived like a nomadic, and he explored the various destination in the world.

At that point, the only travel mode was walking. There were no flight, bus, car, bike, train, ship. Human made his travel only through walking. What could be the best thing than the 6th sense of people that has been helping him to analyse and act accordingly?  

Do you think human got the sixth sense from his birth? You might say yes. The answer is partially right not fully correct.

The sixth sense of the human being has been growing day by day by learning from the surrounding environment and situations. Once learned, all those activities and functionalities were easily taught to the next generations.

This is how the human has been growing his sixth sense. Here the teaching had the biggest part and worked like growth hacking to improve the human knowledge. You know human did not like travelling much, and he required a place to settle and live at the place till his death.

All he wanted was to relief from his nomadic life which has no guarantee of survival. Instead of living like animals started to live at a place. When the group of people began to live there, it became destinations and later turned out to be regions.

After all the regions were now turned to be countries. Once people live in one position, they still could not stop exploring another place as it a recorded function human DNA. So people walked and communicated other destination people and came back to their living place after some time.

He now made his travel as a temporary movement. When they were nomadic, they have gone wherever their mind goes. But after making a permanent place to live, they wanted their travel to be fast. The result, human, started to find various ways to reduce their travel time.

He created the cycle, then the motor vehicle. After that train for group travel. He created the bus, flights and much more vehicles to travel to his destination.

After that, he created a lot of residents and hotels for those travellers. This became the trend, and each country in the world started to attract visitors to their country. When the internet came, it began to revolutionise the world.

So, now you can use any kind of information on the internet. It will make your travel easy. So here are tips for making your travel within budget. Visiting a country, decide which spots you are going to visit.

Once you decided to go to a particular country, you have to make research of the country's area size and critical places. When the country is bigger, you have to choose two or three good destinations.

Plan your travel by fixing the spots within 100 KM. If you are visiting a particular destination, it will help you to visit the spot faster. Here you will save time and money. So always look for nearest targets.

1.Find Low Budget Hotels or use Airbnb

There are a lot of websites out there which will give you hotel details of any destinations in the world. Before visiting the spot, check out the low budget hotels in your destinations.

Sites like MakeMyTrip, PUREBUS will give you the information about the hotel. Check for ratings and user reviews before booking any hotels. Also look for their refund policy. You can always get the most affordable one without any struggle.

As there is a big competition among hotels, you can get low price hotels. Look for offer codes to get discount or cashback. Big hotel booking sites always give the offer to their users.

2. Plan your flight travel on weekdays.

If you book the flight at the weekend, you will end up in paying a lot of amounts. But if you book at weekdays, the price will be low. You can see the slash in price up to 40%.

Also, book flight tickets in specific seasons. The airline companies will give as much as low prices in this season. Sometimes you can get tickets for 10$.

When you book flight tickets, try booking multiple destination flights. Their cost will be very low. You can also use direct booking method on flights.

Remember the Machu Picchu Mountain in Peru. Here is an e.g., If you book flight ticket from Chennai, India to Peru, you will get multiple destination flights to Dubai, New York and Lima(The International airport of Peru and very near to Machu Picchu). The cost will be above 2000$ even for economic classes.

But if you book a flight to Columbia and Columbia to Lima, you can finish booking within 1000$. So always try to find the alternate location and make the direct booking by yourself.

3.Use the power of Google Apps

Before visiting any country, go to their map and research their demographic. It will give you an idea of people’s lifestyle there. It also helps you to find nearest tourist locations.

Google has been releasing a lot of applications. All of them are somehow helping travellers to make their travel affordable. Google translate will help you to translate the language of that demographic people.

Now you can use your camera to capture any street board and convert their language into your desirable language. It will give you a translated image.

4. Know the currency value

Before visiting, any country knows their money value. Look for the currency up-down status. Exchange your money in the currency trading centre during the downfall of that particular country currency.

It will help you save little bit amount, and you can use it to spend for another purpose. Even though the currency value much not differs it can still save some money.

5. Use best cabs and bus services

This is the best way to go around the tourist spot without worrying much. Your taxi driver will take care for your travel. You can book all of them online and reserve your spot on that day. 

The cab booking service will be helpful for people who goes for the local trip. But if you want to go to a 500KM long destination, bus and train is the best way for budget travel. In countries like India, you have to book trains in advance to reserve your place on that day.

But bus booking is easier than any other way. Buses are also available even if you book at last timeFeature Articles, the bus will be available. 

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I am a blogger and Digital Marketing Analyst working with various clients from all over the world. I like to explore new ideas and opportunities.

Written by : Selvakumar Rangasamy

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