5 Ways to Give Her a Romantic Vacation

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Date: 2020-01-08

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Vacations can be a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable way to spend time with your significant other, but a vacation alone is not enough to guarantee a successful romance. There are many different ways to spice your vacation up; but no matter what, the goal is to have fun and let your lover know how much they mean to you. C:\Users\ongden.lepcha\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\romantic

1. Do Something THEY Like

Although we as men probable think a vacation in London should definitely include a large sampling of the British brews, this is not necessarily an effective way of communicating appreciation for our ladies. If your lady enjoys shopping, take her to the local shops and DON'T COMPLAIN. Buy them some shoes, tell them they look great, and just let them be women. Women feel loved when we take the time to let THEM have fun and likewise make the effort to enjoy their company. I promise you will enjoy the romantic parts of your relationship more if your lady feels cared for.

2. Complement Them

Women love being complemented. Truly everyone loves it, but it particularly appeals to women- especially when it's coming from you. It is free, cheap, quick, and completely underused. BE SINCERE. If you're not, she'll see right through you and your efforts will be pointless at best.

There are, of course, the typical complements like telling her she is beautiful, you love her, and how much you care about her. These are a good start but not sufficient. As a rule of thumb for men, if you think something nice about your lady you should tell her. For an idea on more unique complement think about saying something nice about her clothes, hair, or new perfume. Complement her on good ideas and choices (like a restaurant choice) to make her feel good about being herself.

3. Listen to Them

The fact that most women love to talk should not come as a surprise to anyone. The fact that men still don't know what to do about it should. Men have been programmed to nod their head up and down in agreement when having their ear talked off. While nodding in agreement is usually enough to satisfy her temporary need to for attention, it is not enough when trying to take extra care of our lady. Try to not only listen to what they are saying, also try to find helpful hints for suggestion #4. If your lady is talking your head off about her favorite shopping store, remember the name of it! If she mentions her favorite flowers then make a mental note. Being able to recall such information is crucial to showing you have actually been listening to her.

4. Be Kind

You can do every material thing possible for you lady during your vacation; but without kindness and sincerity, you're still likely to come up short. The greatest gifts, expressions of loves, or romantic moments can never out shine a simple act of kindness. So whenever doing #'s 1-4, make sure you are doing it with kindness. Simply using gentle language can go a long ways. Remember you are with your lady, not your guy friends. Act accordingly. While harsh language and sharp tones are sometimes necessary to get your point across in the dog eat dog world we live in, they are never appropriate to set a romantic atmosphere.

5. Make a Day All About Her

Combining suggestions 1-4 will help bring her day all together. When planning this day, remember that your goal is to create a day for the sole purpose of letting her know how much she means to you. There are many different things you can do for her. If you have spent the previous times listening to your lady friend you will probably have noticed that she shared many ideas with you subconsciously. Personal preferences for food, shopping, and activities can all be discovered with proper questions and good listening habits. Some ideas for her day include:

  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Appointment at the Salon
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hand Written Love Note
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Shopping Trip to Her Favorite Store

Regardless of the occasion, follow these suggestions and your lady friend will be more than satisfied.

Jason Vecchio works as a webmaster and regularly writes about creative romantic ideas and romantic vacation ideas. For more romantic vacations please visit his Web site.

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By: Jason Vecchio

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