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5 Ways To Boost Your Website Sales

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-22

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Today I'd like to introduce with you some ideals about building and managing your customer list. Remember: if you have a website with a customer list, you MUST email your customers to raise your income. The most common way to do it is by writing newsletters. Newsletters can be a hard to write, but guarantee a very good return in your money. Thanks to my experience, I put together four simple MUST FOLLOW rules that can turn a poor newsletter marketing attempt into a great success. Enjoy!

1: Broadcast Monthly - As a rule I send out at least one message per month just to keep communication lines open. You don't want to keep barraging your customers with sales pitches every time you talk with them. So in my monthly broadcasts I usually inform my customers about any new tools that have become available at my site. I often upload free articles that I source from copyright-free places or websites that I partner with. If you can, try and create unique resources of real value – writing articles yourself is an option if you have knowledge about the industry your business operates in. I inform my customers about what's new and end with a small reminder about our services - 10%sales pitch, 90% good content.

2: Offer sales - I have a list of people that have yet to become customers, my prospects list. For this list I have an automatic series of responses sent out, first starting weekly, then turning monthly that offers them enticements to join. Once a customer been subscribed to my list for a long time I have an automatic email go out offering them a discount to try my business out. I even cut the price to the point where I don't make a profit just to get the prospect to try the service. I know if they like it they will use it again so often the act of converting them into a customer is the final roadblock that a discount offer removes.

3: Encourage Referrals - One of my favorite techniques is to offer incentives for my present customers to bring in their family and friends. The easiest customers to acquire are from current customers recommending your business. Word of mouth is always the best marketing method so why not encourage it as much as you can? Each current prospect is potentially the best salesperson you could ever find and sometimes all it takes is an offer, like a credit for services/discount voucher or even just an email suggesting they tell friends about your business. Happy customers are happy to spread the word, they just sometimes need a little nudge to do it.

4: Market Research - Are you considering launching a new product? Maybe you want to know what your clients think of your customer service? How about gathering statistics about your customer demographics to help with future marketing efforts? All these questions can be answered by sending a survey to your list. Perhaps you can offer incentives to fill out a survey such as discount vouchers, two-for-one deals or free samples. However you do it, your current list is a fantastic store of minable data just waiting to be accessed. Services like give you the tools to create online surveys easily, which can be linked from or included in one of your broadcast emails to your list.

If you still don't have a good prospect list, here is a quick step-by-step guide to build one quick:

1: Create a page on your website to collect visitors' information, such as their name and email address. Tell them that if they signup for your newsletter you'll give them a free sample of your product, or some other deal.

2: Buy a Revisitors targeted traffic campaign and redirect the traffic to the page you built to collect visitors' information.

3: That's it. People will signup for your newsletter and will receive emails from you. Send them monthly newsletters following the four rules above and they will, sooner or later, buy your products!

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Hello, my name is Michael Ladd, I am a Social Media marketer Consultant, Trainer, Speaker who runs Success with Michael a marketing company. I look forward to keeping in touch with you.  I promise that I will not bombard you with emails.  I plan on only connecting about once a month to share with you all the exciting things that we have been working on.  I may even have some special offers to throw in.  So stay tuned!  I also have good training articles and we do graphic design work.

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By- Michael Ladd

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