5 Offbeat Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2022-05-06

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The queen of hills, Darjeeling, is one of the major tourist destinations in the Northeast sector, which is why the city is always swamped with tourists year-round. Luckily, there are some hidden offbeat gems in the vicinity with a very minimum tourist footprint. So if you’re looking for a quaint picturesque place in the hills away from the commercial tourist hub, we have some great suggestions. 

Best time to visit Darjeeling



Situated just 23 km from Darjeeling, Lamahatta stands at an altitude of 5700 ft. The place is being promoted as an eco-tourism since 2012. Lamahatta unwraps panoramic views of iconic mountain ranges including Mt. Khangchendzonga. The charm of the place, however, is the vast stretch of pine forest with pathways for a leisurely stroll or to simply sit and gaze at the mountains.

Lamahatta, Darjeeling

Lamahatta, Darjeeling

Places of Interest 

Lamahatta Eco-park 

Lamahatta mountain lake

Takdah tea estates 

How to reach

Hire a private cab from Siliguri to Lamahatta or take a shared taxi till Jorebungalow followed by another taxi to Lamahatta. 


Mirik is known for its pristine lake, pleasant climate, and scenic route. Mirik falls under Kurseong sub-division and lies almost halfway between Darjeeling and Siliguri. Obviously the primary reason to visit Mirik is for its 1.25 km long Sumendu Lake. The Lake is ornamented with a park with vibrant flowers on one side and pine trees and temples on the other. Indulge in activities like boat ride and horse ride on your visit.

Mirik Darjeeling

Mirik, Darjeeling

Activities in Darjeeling

Places of interest

·         Swiss cottages

·         Mirik Lake

·         Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery

How to reach

Hire a private or shared cab from Siliguri to Mirik.


Nestled at an elevation of 1928 m, Manebhanjan is a quaint little town approx. 28 km from Darjeeling. The town is a gateway to ‘trekkers wonderland’ Sandhakphu. Apart from the stunning landscape and the majestic view of Mt. Khangchendzonga, Manebhanjan is also where you will find old Land Rovers from the colonial period used commercially.

Manebhanjan, Darjeeling

How to reach

You can either go to Darjeeling first and book a cab to Manebhanjan or avail a shared cab from Darjeeling to Sukhiapokhri followed by another share cab to Manebhanjan.  


Far off from the tourist crowd, Rangbang is a quint hamlet located only 41 km from Darjeeling. The village is ornamented with vibrant orchids, verdant valleys, and pictorial views of mountains and the Rangbang river. Rangbang also offers some scenic trekking trails and birdwatching options.

Places of interest

·         Rangbang Rock Garden

·         Murmah Tea Garden

How to reach

You can either book a cab form Siliguri or opt for a shared cab till Ghoom and switch from Ghoom to Rangbang.

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Filled with thick oak, fir, and rhododendron trees, Lepchajagat is a kind of place you flee to to calm your stressed and tired soul. Nature is in full bloom here, so a leisurely stroll around the vicinity will expose you to vibrant birds and a dazzling view of Khangchendzonga.