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5 Holiday Tips to Get Organized & Energized this Holiday Season

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-13

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Get organized and energized with five practical holiday tips that take you from making your list and checking it twice to joy, laughter, and meaning this holiday season. Read on to get organized fast and get things done.

"Organizing is taking control and making choices that highly improve the end result." Beth Tabak

Get organized and energized this holiday season as you move from making your list to creating a holiday you remember for years to come. Below are five holiday tips to help you organize fast, manage your time, and take you step by step through to peace of mind.

1- Get Clear on your Focus- What do you want to create this holiday season? What would make it memorable? For best results, do this as a family. Do you want it to be spiritually meaningful? Do you have an adventurous trip planned? Is it about giving? Or do you want to keep it simple and aim for rest and relaxation? What ever your focus, choose a theme and keep it in front of you daily so that your decisions and actions throughout the season reflect your desire.

2- Get your To-Do List out of your Head and into a System- Clear your mind. When you put your to do's into a system there is little procrastination in deciding what to do next. The system is whatever works best for you: a planner, computer, wireless handheld device, etc. Add what you need to do and what you need to buy into your system. You are welcome to a complimentary Holiday Task List at the author's website as well. List what you want to complete by year end personally and professionally then choose your top priorities daily. You will free time to get things done and enjoy the holidays. 

Holiday tasks you may include are: creating a budget, travel plans, card list prepared, holiday family photos, cards sent, decorating, stock up on wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, tape, etc. Choose who you want to give to. Wrap gifts, ship gifts, choose a holiday menu, volunteer or give in the spirit of the holiday, send invitations, bake goodies, and decide on the activities you want to be involved in.

3- Set your Holiday Budget- Avoid starting a new year feeling bad. Decide on a budget and stick to it. There are lots of options to create a special holiday without adding stress to the budget. Show appreciation in cards, hand written letters, audio, or video. Plan family fun in nature, around the fireplace, or with an open house where each family brings a dish. Get creative. Let the kids find their gift(s). Hide or wrap up clues. Don't let a tight budget steal your joy. Add depth. Make it fun! Make it meaningful! As Mother Teresa says, "It is not how much you do but how much love you put into doing it."

4- Simplify and Set Boundaries- Santa has it right to check your list twice. While maintaining your focus, review your list and decide what you can eliminate and delegate. The holiday season is busy. Be kind to yourself. How can you keep it simple?

One way is to set boundaries. Say 'no' to offers that do not support your focus. Say 'yes' to what will make you feel the most fulfilled. Limit time with people who bring you down. Create blocks of time for 'doing' and 'enjoying'. Set the boundaries of what you will and will not tolerate.

5- Take Action Daily- Life Coach and author Cheryl Richardson says, "inaction= anxiety". So it seems that action leads to peace of mind. Anxiety shows up with overwhelming images of all that needs to be done as you are frozen at the thought of it. So the best solution is to begin! Take one small step, then another, build momentum, get things done, then kick back and enjoy the holidays the way you choose.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned." So stop thinking and start doing! Begin your holiday organizing. Use the five tips for the holidays above to take practical
steps through to completion. Then turn on the holiday tunes, sit down with your favorite warm drink, prop up your feet, and enjoy the connection with those you love most. Starting Now!

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Beth Tabak of is 100% committed to small business coaching and personal life coaching. She coaches big thinkers to be unlimited, stand out in the crowd, and experience the vastness of their abilities. Stop by to pick up your complimentary Holiday Task List, say 'hello', and see all that is available to you.

By: Beth Tabak

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