Mountain biking routes in Sikkim

5 Cycling Trails in Gangtok Worth Peddling This Weekend

Author: TourGenie
Date: 2022-06-20

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Once you’re off the highway, Gangtok has some beautiful roads that are perfect for cycling. This weekend, hire a mountain bike and go on a thrilling ride, solo or with your buddies, on any of the 5 cycling trails we’ve picked out for you. 


Start point: Bojoghari

End point: Ganesh Tok

Distance: 8 km

Description: This peaceful stretch of road takes you on a scenic ride high above Gangtok town. Riding along the hillside, you get an amazing view of Gangtok’s landmarks such as Tsuklakhang Royal Palace and Monastery, TV Tower, Ani Gumpa, and the helipad.

Along the way, you can make a stop at Lhasa Waterfalls and enjoy a quick bowl of hot Wai Wai or Maggie noodles at the canteen or grab a plate of momo, fried chicken, and more at the food truck parked in front (only after 3:00 pm).  You will also pass by the Plant Conservatory which you can visit on your way back. 

Once you reach the endpoint (Ganesh Tok), you can visit the temple or the zoo. If you’re still pumped to cycle more, you can ride ahead, as the road stretches for another 2 km.

The geared bikes make it easy to ride along the steady inclinations and is a great route for cyclists. 

Bulbuley Road


Start point: Burtuk

End point: Sichey

Distance: 3 km

Description: Starting at Burtuk, the route takes you through Luing and Ranka, and ends close to the heart of the city at Sichey. From here, MG Marg is a short distance away. The trail takes you through the scenic hillside, crossing numerous waterfalls and bridges along the way. 


Start point: Bhusuk 

End point: Sokey

Distance: 25.5 km

Description: The short 1-hour ride takes you alongside fields, tiny hamlets, and waterfalls and across wooden bridges that rattle every time a 4-wheeler goes over it, and between its wood plank gaps you can spot the flowing river. 

Make sure to stop and enjoy tea from the roadside shops and chat with the local kids. You might want to keep an eye out for the local dogs that love giving cyclers a fun chase. 

Cycling in Bhusuk

Riding in Bhusuk


Start point: Bhusuk pul

End point: Pakyong

Distance: 37.5 km

Description: The approximately 2-hour trail starts at Bhusuk pul (17 km from Gangtok) and passes through 7th mile, 14th mile, Assam Lingchey, and Zero before ending at Pakyong. The close-to-no-vehicle route takes you past beautiful forests which makes this long route shorter than it is. Sikkim’s only airport is situated in Pakyong. 


Start point: Adampool

End point: Khel Ground, Resithang

Distance: 5.7 km

Description: An alternative road to the main highway that winds through Gangtok town, this route is scenic to the hilt. The long stretch of closely straight road is nice and wide, making it perfect for leisurely drives and walks. While it looks pretty during the day, it’s also beautifully lit during the night.  This road is great for beginners who struggle with cycling on steep and constant inclines.