5 Content Development Strategies

5 Content Development Strategies

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-31

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Using content to promote your business is an effective advertising method many use on the internet.
The particular online marketing strategy can be labor intensive therefore it is wise to develop a means to continually produce good content.
Read further to review 5 different strategies that have proven to be very effective for developing quality content on a continual basis.

Maintaining a content development strategy is vital for anyone who uses information distribution as part of their online marketing strategy. Using content in this way is not only an effective advertising technique but it also helps build credibility which is difficult to do when working online. Creating and publishing content on a continual basis however can create many challenges for the author. It is therefore critical to establish some sort of 'means' to maintain the continual flow of information necessary to make this strategy work. 

Here are 5 strategies from which you can choose or combine when using content as an online marketing strategy. 

Automated Software Research

There is software available that will do a pretty extensive search for you on the internet by focusing on the keywords you enter in. It hones in on any content that may be relevant to the keywords it is searching on and compiles results accordingly. It is then up to you to 'comb' through the results for useful content.

Content Spinning

It is not too difficult to locate software that will take a particular piece of content and simply 'reword' it for you. Some will even substitute keywords within the content to give it an even more different 'feel' to it. If you use this method you need to be careful with the results you get. Often times the 'new' content' sounds strange and may be in need of a 'human' editor to recompose it to make it sound more natural.


Searching for information that is applicable for your purposes and then recomposing it is anther means that can be use to produce 'fresh' content. The drawback here is that some may found, like I doScience Articles, that this method sometimes adds more time to the already labor intensive task of writing.   

In my opinion it is faster and easier to compose something based upon an 'idea' rather than taking the additional time needed to 'edit' existing content. The writing process flows more readily when composing from the thoughts in your head.


By doing research on subject matter you can take your results and then write about it. Now for use as a primary method to produce content this process may be too time consuming. On the other hand when research does need to be conducted for reasons other than to produce content it is an efficient use of time already invested to turn research results into usable content.

This method normally yields a very high level of quality content that is obviously original.


Simply sitting down and jotting down topics that you have an interest in or think would be interesting material for reading is a great start for new content. By reviewing your list of topics you can make notations as to certain points you will want to cover for each topic. You now have the outline for some great new content.

Publishing content is a very effective advertising technique to use online however it does require that some sort of content development strategy be established. Using content in this manner can easily create a challenge for any author trying to generate a continual flow of useful information. The 5 strategies we reviewed above are different approaches that have proven to be effective for generating a continual stream of content. Your choice of choosing and/or combining any of the above is based upon your personal preferences and particular skill sets. In any case if you are publishing content on a regular basis you will need to establish some sort of strategy to maintain a constant flow of information.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
For more tips about Content Development and to receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques visit:http://affiliatequickstart.com

By: TJ Philpott

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