3 scenic escapes in Gangtok for peace seekers

Author: TourGenie contributor
Date: 2021-08-13

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Love alone time but don’t know where to head out to during the weekend? Well Gangtok has some quiet pockets of serenity that will give you plenty of space to sit alone and do your thing. Grab your book/sketch pad/ earphones…whatever you want and check out these 5 perfect retreats on our recommendation list.

(1) Kyichu Ga-Tsal

This lovely spot boasts of a landscaped garden, a swimming pool, a dip pool, a café, a fish pond, a succulent house, and a bamboo grove. A visual treat, unwind in the calm surroundings by perching yourself on the benches with a book. Take a break and go stretch your legs inside the bamboo grove, take a relaxing dip in the pool, and when you’re hungry, grab a bite at the café while watching the fish. End your day by buying one of the succulents.

Location: Lower Sichey, Ranka Road

Ticket price: INR 50


Kyichu Ga-Tsal

(2) Plant Conservatory

This green oasis, perched high up on a sloped terrain, offers the right amount of seclusion among its gardens and natural terrain. Sit under a tree, pick any of the benches in the garden area, or head up higher on the stone-paved pathway that leads to a waterfall. Take a walk inside the glass house in the premises that exhibits a number of flowers. There is a café inside where you get snacks and tea or you can eat at the stalls outside the conservatory.

Location: Bulbuley

Ticket price: INR 20

plant conservatory

(3) Saramsa Garden

This manicured garden is a lovely place to visit if you miss a typical park. The garden is divided into different sections with trees and shrubs lining the peripheries. There is a greenhouse where different types of orchids are preserved. You will be charmed by the colourful flowers, wire-shaped installations of animals, and a small footbridge constructed over a pond. Saramsa is popular with picnickers, so choose your day and time wisely if you’re looking for peace and quiet. There are a few shops outside where you can grab a bite.

Location: Near Ranipool

Ticket price: INR 20