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10 Tips for Improving Your Internet Marketing

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-18

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You created the product and wrote a good selling article. But still no sales.

And all because these technical actions are not enough to convert visitors into customers. You need to fix the mistakes and teach the readers to trust you ...

Usually, products are not trusted because there is no trust in the creator. Even if your offer is really good, you probably will not get a customer, because you are not trusted.

To set up your digital marketing, follow these 10 tips:

1. Content Marketing

Be engaged in a blog as if your life depends on it.

Create output graphs for articles and try to follow them. To begin with, teach your visitors to read what you want to convey to them. Even if the information is interesting, few will visit the blog, if you publish only once a week.

2. Be open and available

The audience should know you. Publish your name and the names of your team members along with their photos. In addition to its history and interesting facts, do not forget about contacts. Specify an email, phone number, information about you from the media.

People want to know that they are dealing with real people.

3. Proof of masses

Nobody wants to be the only one who buys your product. When people do not know what to do, they do what others do.

Develop a culture of blog comments. Ask buyers to write their opinion about the product.

Speak of numbers. Mention the number of customers, the number of readers of the blog, the number of subscribers or other information with impressive numbers.

4. Design

Visitors judge the book by the cover. If your design has survived three generations of humanity, then it certainly will not sell anything.

It's not about the color scheme or likes/dislikes - it's a matter of taste, but here the right technically created design should be acquired.

If you have money, it is better to hire a professional.

5. Demonstration of results

Show how your product helps to solve the problem. The photo, video materials of the results of your work should be constantly updated. Otherwise, there is no point in all this.

Show that you are not an online hero, but actually, make results.

6. Study your audience.
Conduct surveys on social networks, find out what's interesting for your audience and what it needs. Learn the basic objections of customers and what prevents them from making a decision about cooperation with your company.

7. Inform employees in time.

The effectiveness of Internet marketing depends on many indicators. But all work in the company should be aimed at the overall result. If any changes are introduced to the company, all employees - sales managers, marketing specialists, content marketing department employees should know about it.

8. Pay attention to on-page and off-page SEO

Help potential customers find you in the search. Learn how your potential customer is searching your product, what keywords he is using, what blogs he is reading and where he is located. Make SEO comfortable for your client.

9. Use quality photo content.

Photos in the blog and in social networks should be relevant to the topic. And also make sure that photos depict your potential buyers. Do not post glossy photos of happy people or half-naked girls.

10. Communicate with consumers.

Ask them. Find out how they use your product. Find out what they know and understand, and what is not. Often, these or other things seem to us simple and understandable, and hundreds of clients do not know about them, they do not guess, they do not understand, they do not use it. And do not make additional purchases!

Improving Internet marketing, remember that sincerity is felt even through the screen of the monitor!

Alisa is a content writer and blogger of SeoLab - Lab for Digital Marketing, SEO and The Web. Check the portal for news, ideas and advice. Find new digital tools to help you in work in business. Find marketing events that happen around the world.

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Written by : Alisa Bagrii

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