10 Things that every travelers must know before visiting Nepal in 2020

10 Things that every travelers must know before visiting Nepal in 2020

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Date: 2020-01-30

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Nepal is celebrating a grand tourism year in 2020 with the motto of promoting Nepal world-wide and helping tourism industry become a back-bone in economic development of a country. Tourism Ministry of Nepal has set the goal to welcome at least 20 million visitors in the year 2020.

Spectacular, Chaotic, Colorful, Inspiring… Nepal is a place unlike any other, displaying the incredible nature, festival, culture, traditions, foods and more. It’s a country that will surely mesmerize you – one way or another.

But as fascinating it can be, it can cause some shock and can make even most seasoned travelers overwhelmed.

Here’s the list of tips that will help your trip become an enlightening and enthralling experience.

Research, Research & Research

Nepal is a common home to variety of bustling destination – from timeless heritage sites to sacred temples, striking Himalayan vistas to majestic hilly landmarks and lively townships. Instead of trying all the attraction, be selective, pick one attraction and immerse into it.

For cultural experience, visit UNESCO world heritage sites of Kathmandu, pay homage to the birthplace of Lord Buddha and visit sacred Muktinath. For natural experience, you can visit the northern belt of the country – Annapurna region, Everest regionManaslu region, Dolpo region, Makalu region or Kanchenjunga region – pick is yours.

Consider travelling with a tour company

The best way to visit Nepal is with a tour company. In our opinion, there really isn’t another best way unless you are visiting with a personal conversant in Nepal.

Tour Company not only act as your interpreter but they also look after all the details that can ruin a great vacations: problem with rooms, special medical needs, making a side trips, getting a best place to eat and most importantly taking-on an adventure that aren’t in any guide book.

Get Travel Insurance

Nepal is a very safe country but it is wise to be get insurance. Insurance is not mandatory in Nepal for travelers but just to be in safe side it wise to be insured.

Your body may not act well to Himalayan temperature or way of life and it is hard to handle the real Nepalese food – it is very spicy.

If you are travelling in low and middle belt of Nepal, you probably don’t need an insurance but if you are going above 4,000m – we strongly suggest you to buy travel insurance.

Also be conscious of fake rescues which were unhealthy operated in Everest region few months back.

Take Cash with You and Use ATMs for withdrawal

The official currency in Nepal is Rupees (NRS). It is very hard to get NRS in your country so the best option is to hold euros, dollars and credit/debit cards.

In western country, bills are usually paid by cards but in Nepal this isn’t common things, especially if you are visiting in remote part of the country.

There are some ways to get local currency. The first option is to exchange in money exchange agency but you don’t get fair rate here. You can also get local currency in “A rated banks” or you can withdraw it from ATMs.

Before going to Nepal, don’t forget to inform your bank about your visit or you risk ending up to have your cards blocked under the suspicion of fraudulent use.

Social Etiquette in Nepal

You definitely want to know how to greet the locals. The traditional and religious way to greet local in Nepal is to by placing your palms together in a prayer style and saying “Namaste” or “Namaskar”. Address anyone enter than you with respect using “Dai” for men and “Didi” for women. Also do not step over someone’s leg or touch anyone with feet – it is an impolite gesture.

If you are invited to Nepali home, always remember to remove your shoes outside the door. In Nepal, it is also not acceptable to wear revealing clothing (including shorts) particularly for women.

Mountain Flights

If climbing the peak is beyond your limits, you can still behold its beauty by taking a scenic flight which is operated by different local airlines companies. Mountain flights start from Kathmandu early in the morning in between 7 to 9.

Fly high above the cloud and enjoy the up-close and sweeping views of Himalayas along with array of lakes, glaciers, rivers and gorges below. Most of the airline have clear and non-tinted windows that offers great photography opportunities.

Natural Play-ground for adventure sport

Most of the travelers are un-known about this fact!

While Nepal is widely known for Himalayan ranges and majestic natural setting, very few knows about the adventure sports possibilities in the country.  

What’s more thrilling than taking on an adventure in pristine nature amidst of high Himalayas?

From a thrilling Bunjee jump over glacial-fed Bhote Koshi River to incredible cycling in Himalayan tracks and exotic paragliding flight to adrenaline-packed zip flying and nerve-wracking white water river rafting, you can enjoy all kind of adventure sports in the lap of nature.

These adventure sports will act as a great refreshment and recreational activities after your long and tedious mountain hike and expedition.

Avoid Street Food

Even if you are street food foodie, try to avoid street food. There are many examples of travelers failing to commence the trip due to serious stomach issues. Refrigeration is poor in Nepal and street foods are not well refrigerated. Many street vendors reuse the food next day if it is not sold out on very day. We suggest you to stick to well-maintained and busy restaurant to get fresh and healthy food.

Pay attention when crossing the street

You will find hundreds of bikes, car and local buses all on a road at a same time. They are quite manner less; they don’t even want to give you a passage in zebra cross. So don’t expect them to stop and they will bypass you every time so you have to be careful by yourself.

Best way to cross road: You will definitely find someone waiting to cross the road. Follow his lead; you will be safe.

Get off the beaten tracks for authentic experience  

Don’t get scared to get off the beaten path. While Everest and Annapurna region are worthy of their fame as the best trekking and climbing spot, there are many other untamed and un-explore region in northern belt of Nepal.

Try untamed Manaslu Circuit Trek or go for wild Dolpo trek and drive northeast to remote Kanchenjunga regionFeature Articles, we promise you get an enthralling authentic experience.

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By: Raj Thapa

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