10 Creative Article Topics

10 Creative Article Topics

Author: TG Contributor
Date: 2020-01-30

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Sometimes you just need a jump start in the creativity department when coming up with article topics.

We all get stumped for ideas sometimes, and it's extremely helpful to have a list of "idea starters" to help get our creative juices flowing so that we can think up our next batch of article topics.

Here are 10 article topics to help boost your creativity:

1- Use title templates to jump start your creativity. Here are some I use:

Top 10 [your topic] Tips

7 Reason To Do [your topic]

Top 10 [your topic] Mistakes

How To [your topic]

Reader questions: "How Do I ____?" or "What is ____?"

2- Create a "Beginner's Guide" article where you introduce an absolute beginner from your target market to your topic.

3- Write a "Top Mistakes" article.

What mistakes do you notice folks in your target market engaging in routinely? A 'Top Mistakes' article warns your readers what NOT to do and also provides corrections to the mistakes.

4- Use the same article topic, but write two articles--one for a beginner and another for an expert.

Although on the same topic, these two articles will be very different and include different material. Beginners need extra details on how to get started. Experts want tips on how to take their performance to the next level.

5- Customer FAQs.

If it's a question that customers or potential customers are commonly asking, then it is worthy of being made into an article. You might want to put the title in question form, so that the entire purpose of the article is answering the frequently asked question.

6- Magazine headlines.

Find a magazine that is in your niche or in a related niche. Look at the article headlines on the front of the magazine. Those titles are there to stimulate interest in a reader and make them want to read the articles. Can you adapt those titles to suit your specific topic?

7- Bounce articles off of your blog posts.

My blog is my biggest gold mine of article topics. I routinely write blog posts, and then the next month I rework each blog post to be suitable as an article. It's like killing two birds with one stone! Just be sure that when you do this that you rewrite the article so that it is different from your blog post. You want to keep the content on your own site unique for SEO reasons.

8- Take your last 7 previous articles and dig deeper.

Look each of your last 7 articles--there is a way (often several ways) that you can approach the same topic from a different angle and provide more in depth information. This would be like zooming into a specific aspect of your article and magnifying it in a new article.

9- Give an aerial view of your topic.

You can also do the opposite of "digging deeper"--make some articles that are broad overviews of your topic. Instead of giving really detailed info, give a wide range of information on your topic that is not as deep. Whatever your article topic is, you can either go much more in depth (and in that case you would be covering a smaller topic more in depth), or you can cover a broader topic more superficially. Each of these types of articles has value to a reader.

10- Look through your website for helpful info about your topic that you can morph into an article.

You took a long time creating the content on your websiteComputer Technology Articles, didn't you? Why not adapt that info to your articles? Just be careful that the info from your website is not about your own business or products. The type of website content that would be perfect for a free reprint article is educational material about your general topic.

You have more article topics under your nose than you realize! Explore these 10 creative article topics and see how many new article ideas you can generate.


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