Picnic places in Assam

10 Beautiful Places to Have Picnics in Assam

Author: Arpana Gautam
Date: 2020-07-15

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Known for its majestic hills, rejuvenating tea, and silk, Assam is the gateway to the seven sisters of northeast India. Owing to its scenic landscape, there’s one thing we definitely suggest every person visiting Assam to do: Yes, you guessed it right—have picnics in Assam!

Picnics have an old-school charm to them, and whether you are visiting Assam with your friends or your family, having picnics in beautiful places is one of the best ways to make your trip memorable.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best places to have picnics in Assam.

1. Dipor Bil 

Also spelled Deepor Beel, this beautiful freshwater lake is one of the largest lakes in the Brahmaputra Valley of lower Assam. The lake houses a wide variety of exotic birds and is famous for its mesmerizing views. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Dipor Bil to enjoy its fascinating views, rich biodiversity, and rare birds.

Dipor Bil is a perfect picnic spot for those who love exploring wildlife and having a good time with their friends and family alongside nature.

Location: Kumrup district, 18 km south-west of Guwahati 

Best time to visit: October - March

Highlights: Rare & endangered birds, rich biodiversity, boating

2. Bhairabkunda

Located at the border of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh near the Bhutanese town of Daifam, Bhairabkunda in one of the favorite picnic spots in Assam. Bhairabkunda also marks the conjunction of Jampini River and Bhairavi River to form Dhanshiri River. Dhanshiri River is a prominent tributary of Brahmaputra River.

The conjunction of these rivers forms the shape of a kund and possibly gives Bhairabkunda its name. Devotees of Lord Shiva visit Bhairabkunda every year to take a holy bath and pray at the nearby Shiva temple.

Location: Udaigiri district, near Bhutanese town of Daifam

Best time to visit: November - March 

Highlights: Shiva mandir, Daifam town

3. Chandubi Lake

Chandubi Lake is a natural lake located at the foothills of Garo hills. The name Chandubi has been derived from two words: Chand meaning five and Dubi meaning sinking in Khasi language. The name suggests the origin of Chandubi Lake, which was formed after the sinking of 5 mountains during the Assam earthquake of 1857.

Chandubi Lake lies in a picturesque location surrounded by dense forests, small villages, and tea gardens. The lake hosts a natural lagoon at its center, which is a tourist favorite. Along with the scenic landscape, Chandubi Lake also attracts a large number of migratory birds during winter.

Chandubi Lake is an ideal picnic spot in Assam that you can choose to visit with friends and family. You can also choose to visit the place during Chandubi Festival in January when a week-long traditional and cultural festival with dance, delicious foods, and events is held.

Location: Kumrup district, 64 km from Guwahati

Best time to visit: October - March

Highlights: Small villages, tea gardens, fishing, rowing

4. Dillighat

Situated on the banks of River Dihing or Disang, a tributary of River Brahmaputra, Dillighat is a popular picnic spot in the small town of Namrup. Namrup town itself is located in a picturesque location, and Dillighat is surrounded by forests and tea gardens. This quiet and serene location is a perfect winter picnic spot and bustles with happy faces every year during the New Year.

Location: Namrup, southeastern Assam

Best time to visit: Winters

Highlights: Villages, forests, tea gardens

5. Charaideo

The historical Charaideo town was the first capital of the Ahom kingdom. The town is famous for its monuments and maidams or moulds of Ahoms. Owing to the architecture and significance, the maidams have also been compared to the pyramids of Egypt.

A visit to Charaideo maidam will take you through scenic parks, lush green vegetation, and beautiful monuments. People visit Charaideo maidam for excursions and picnics. It is a peaceful spot where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. The place gets lively during New Year and Me Dam Me Phi festival.

Location: Charaideo district, about 30 km from Sibsagar, Assam

Best time to visit: Winter

Highlights: Ahom maidams, monuments, serene environment

6. Akashiganga Waterfall

The mesmerizing Akashiganga waterfall holds a great mythological and religious significance for Hindus. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu had mangled Goddess Sati’s body to alleviate Lord Shiva’s fury, her body parts had fallen in different parts of India. As such, Goddess Sati’s head is believed to have fallen near Akashiganga Waterfall and hence, the place is considered sacred.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and thick forests and offers a spectacular view of River Brahmaputra. The beautiful Akashiganga Lake adds to the serenity of the place and makes Akashiganga a perfect place for a peaceful get together and spending quality time with friends and family.

Location: Near Dabaka city, Dabaka-Dimapur Street, Assam

Best time to visit: October - March

Highlights: Akashiganga Lake, waterfall, Lord Shiva temple, rock temples

7. Sadiya

Located at the conjunction of three major rivers- Dihang (Tsangpo in Tibet), Dibang, and Lohit, which form River Brahmaputra, Sadiya is a beautiful town with a rich history. Established by the second Sutiya ruler, Ratnadhwajpai, in 1248, Sadiya was the third capital of the Sutiya kingdom.

Situated in vast grassy plains and rich in the wonderful flower “satful,” Sadiya is a mesmerizing picnic spot that you must visit in Assam. The iconic temples like Tameshwar temple, Burha-Burhi thaan, and Boiragi thaan add to the beauty of the place. Do not forget to visit Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, which is the longest bridge in India over a river.

Location: Tinsukia district, Assam

Best time to visit: Early summers and winters

Highlights: Dhola-Sadiya Bridge, Tameshwar Temple

8. Bogamati

Located on the mouth of Barnadi River, which originates in the Bhutan hills, Bogamati is a serene place near the Indo-Bhutan border. Bogamati is a popular picnic destination for both locals and tourists. Its picturesque location alongside thick forests and the breath-taking views of the Bhutan hills make it an ideal picnic spot to visit with friends and family.

Location: Baksha district, Assam

Best time to visit: November - February

Highlights: White water rafting

9. Champawati Kunda

Also known as Chapnalla Falls, Champawati Kunda is one of the best destinations for nature and wildlife lovers. Located amidst a mesmerizing landscape, Champawati Kunda or Chapnalla Falls is a magnificent waterfall that instantly makes you fall in love with the place.

Location: Nagaon district, Assam

Best time to visit: October - February

Highlights: Chapnalla Falls

10. Kopili Picnic Spot

Located amidst mesmerizing waterfalls and scenic landscapes, Kopili picnic spot is a not-so-explored picnic place in Assam. Having a peaceful get together while enjoying the surrounding views of the Kopili picnic spot is a calming experience. The Panimoor Waterfall adds to the beauty of this place.

Location: Dima Hasao district, 28 km from Guwahati

Best time to visit: Spring and autumn

Highlights: Panimoor Waterfall

The joy of having a memorable picnic with your loved ones often lasts for a long time. Do not miss out on these amazing moments in life and check out these beautiful destinations for an enjoyable picnic with your friends and family. 

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