Yuksom is a fairytale hamlet snugly tucked in a valley with a view of Mt. Kabru. Founded in 1641 AD, Yuksom is the first capital of Sikkim where the first Dharma King (Chogyal) was crowned by three wise monks from Tibet. Yuksom still has that “mystic old world” charm. You can find the Norbu Ghang Coronation Throne here where the first king was crowned, the Dubdi Monastery built in 1701 AD, some mighty waterfalls, a small lake, some more monasteries, and lush forests.

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Dubdi Monastery

Established in 1701, it is professed to be the oldest monastery in Sikkim and is located on the top of a hill and about an hour's walk from Yuksom. It was also known as the Hermit's Cell after its ascetic founder Lhatsun Namkha Jigme, who along with two other monks from Tibet met at Norbugang near Yuksom and crowned Phuntsog Namgyal as the first King or Chogyal of Sikkim at Norbugang, Yuksom in 1642. The literal meaning of 'Dubdi' in local language is "the retreat".

Time taken from Yuksom: 45 mins

Khecheopalri Lake

The Khecheopalri Lake is an integral part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit. It is one of the sacred lakes in Sikkim and is believed to be a wish-fulfilling lake as well. An interesting feature of the lake is that leaves are not allowed to float on the lake, which is ensured by the birds that industriously pick them up as soon as they drop onto the lake surface. 

Time taken from Yuksom: 1hr 30mins

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