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This village serves as a base for stay in Dzongu Valley with quite a few home stays catering to the influx of tourists and travelers here. The dominant community of the Lepchas residing in this village let tourists gain an insight into the customs and traditions of its people. Chang is the traditional liquor prepared in homes along with Khabze, which is a fried snack normally eaten in the evenings and mornings with cups of warm tea. The Lepchas are very hardworking people and are extremely close to the roots of their families as well as their dwelling place.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Thyukung Munsolong Thi

Thyukung Munsolong Thi  - The Chortens of Lingtem which were built sometime in the 17th Century by one of the Lepcha chiefs. The Chortens were erected commemorating the victories and subsequent Chiefs kept adding the Chortens. The higher location makes this place worth a visit with its forested area and birds. This is also a good view point overlooking the mountain valleys of Upper Dzongu.

Lingthem Monastery

Lingthem Monastery - Lingthem 'Chophel Dargyeling' Monastery was established by the local Lepchas of the Lingthem & surrounding villages following Nyingmapa Buddhist in 1857 A.D. as a branch monastery of Pemayangtse Monastery. The annual Chaams takes place in the winters over a period of 6 days in this monastery followed by the Namsoong festival.

Sunrise point

Sunrise point – Climbing up from the village of Lingthem, above Passingdang towards the Monastery, one reaches a flat land, with paddy fields from this point one gets good views of the Upper Dzongu specially the Mantam lake & Lingzya on the Rongyoung Chu and on the other end one can see the Teesta Valley all up to the Village of Naga. 

Passingdang Thukchen Monastery

Passingdang Thukchen Monastery – Just above the village of Passingdang is the monastery with caters to young students, the first floor is dedicated to prayer halls and class rooms while the top floor has the Lakhang. The monastery’s main feature is the shedda (monastic school for young monks) with regular classes and Prayers. One can see how conventional & spiritual education is balanced and imparted to the initiated monks.

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