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Hee Gyathang

Hee Gyathang is a beautiful lake village located in the centre of a dense growth of thickets and plants. The village can be accessed from the Passingdang village and is famous for its beautiful lake that holds great religious significance for the local Lephas. It is a common belief of the Lepchas that the silver fishes that crowd the lake are born form lice taken from a goddess who was magnificent. It is believed that she was loved by a creature who was a supernatural being and whose offspring were the ancestors of the Lepcha community.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Tung Kyong Duh

Tung Kyong Duh – Between the villages of Hee Gyathang and Barfok in lower Dzongu is the holy lake of Tung Kyong Duh is located. There are many legends associated with the lake as per one story when Thinggockmu asked Nyu Kyongbu to demonstrate her powers, she let loose her hair and dropped lice into the lake which later became fish called Dengnuelick.  Their children and the subsequent generations are called the Heemo, a Lepcha clan. The Heemos believe that if the silver fish in the lake becomes extinct, their clan will die out and thus the lake is extremely sacred to them. Secondly they even have an annual prediction based on the population of the fish in the lake.

Hee Gyathang Monastery

Hee Gyathang Monastery is a Buddhist monastery situated in Lower Dzongu, it was built by hemit Abi Putso Rangdrol in 1914 and follows the Nyingma sect of Buddhism. This Monastery is approachable from the village of Hee Gyathang by a short hike up the hill above the Hee Gyathang School. There is an interesting trail /which leads from the monastery to the view point and then on to the 

Gor Orange Orchards

Gor Orange Orchards – On the Dikchu Road the village of Gor in Lower Dzongu have one of the largest Orange Orchards in Sikkim. These orchards are owned & operated by Government with local village communities. There is a small sorting and grading centre from where one can buy oranges during the season time. It’s worth a visit even during spring time when the orange flowers are blooming.

  • Near Co-Operative, Middle Sichey Gangtok, East Sikkim, India, 737101