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Dzongu is located in the northwestern part of Sikkim. It is accessible throughout the year, though the ideal time to go there would be from late February to early June. The terrain of Dzongu is amazing, and there are icy cold small streams that must be crossed to enter hot water springs. There is moist green forest full of exotic flora and fauna. It offers a unique home stay experience, and you can stay with the local families to experience the Lepcha lifestyle and cultural traditions while enjoying the luxuriant landscape and spectacular mountain scenery from there. Dzongu is the perfect destination for the nature-loving traveler, the spiritual seeker, and the cultural enthusiast.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Passindang Village

This village serves as a base for stay in Dzongu Valley with quite a few home stays catering to the influx of tourists and travelers here. The dominant community of the Lepchas residing in this village let tourists gain an insight into the customs and traditions of its people. Chang is the traditional liquor prepared in homes along with Khabze, which is a fried snack normally eaten in the evenings and mornings with cups of warm tea. The Lepchas are very hardworking people and are extremely close to the roots of their families as well as their dwelling place. 

Lingzya Falls

These falls lie at a distance of some 8 km from the village of Passingdang in Lingthem. This is a tiered waterfall. Once you cross a cantilever bridge, a pitch road along the side of mountain cliffs leads to the majestic Ligzya falls. There is a nice resting point on the side of the waterfall where one can have lunch and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of this fall. There are many other waterfalls in Dzongu but Ligzya falls is considered as one of the most spectacular ones and is the prime attraction of this region.

Cane and Bamboo Craft Centre

Though Dzongu is not a shopping destination, the cane and bamboo centre here at Lingdong village offers some interesting collectible items. You will find bags, carpets, hats, mats, and other craft items at this centre. You can also shop for wooden masks and tables made according to local designs. 

Hee Gyathang

Hee Gyathang is a beautiful lake village located in the centre of a dense growth of thickets and plants. The village can be accessed from the Passingdang village and is famous for its beautiful lake that holds great religious significance for the local Lephas. It is a common belief of the Lepchas that the silver fishes that crowd the lake are born form lice taken from a goddess who was magnificent. It is believed that she was loved by a creature who was a supernatural being and whose offspring were the ancestors of the Lepcha community.

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