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One of the three royal cities of Nepal, Patan or Lalitpur or Yala is something to feast your eyes on. Patan is a famous tourist place in the country and is primarily known for its rich architecture, fantastic wood carvings, and an air of spirituality, Most people prefer a day trip here from Kathmandu as it is in close proximity to the capital but a longer stay of two or more days is recommended to enjoy the beauty of its courtyards and squares at a leisurely pace.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Patan Gate

If you want to transcend into the world that existed some centuries ago, then you have to step through the Patan Gate. The major highlight of this gate is the pediment that’s made of gold. The pediment shows Shiva, Parvati, Kumar, and Ganesha through excellent carvings. The gate, which has a window in gold, was once used by the king to make public appearances.

Time taken from Patan: 32 mins

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Taleju Bell

The bell was erected by King Vishnu Malla in 1736. The idea for its construction was to make kings more accountable to the citizens. Over the years, petitioners have rung this bell to alert the king about their grievances, and their issues were sorted out. The bell was damaged during the 2015 earthquake disaster. However, the pavilion stayed intact. The place is being restored. The bell pavilion has an ornamental bridge that should be explored as well. 

Time taken from Patan: 7 mins 

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