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Mokokchung is the land of the Ao Nagas. Although almost all Aos have converted to Christianity, they still maintain their old customs and traditions and their hospitality can be seen during Christmas. This is the time when everyone, irrespective of their financial or social status, welcomes each other warmly in their homes.

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Ungma Nature Park

Ungma (Soyim) is the oldest and largest Village in the District, located about 3 kms from Mokokchung town. The village has more than 1000 households. Legends has it that the Ao people first settled in Ungma after coming from their ancestral home at Chungliyimti (the origin of Ao people as per folklore). At present Chungliyimti falls under Sangtam Naga Territory.

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Chuchuyimlang is the village of festivals for the Ao Nagas. The Moatsu festival is seen in full glory here. During this period, the villagers express their friendship towards other villagers by exchanging gifts, making new friendships, renewing old ties and sharing a spirit of camaraderie. The tourist village established here is a showcase of this tradition in the most natural and uncontaminated manner.

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This is a perennial waterfall at a height of around 200 feet near Longkong village around 27 km from Mokokchung district.  This misty waterfall is a sight to behold due to the serene and gentle landscape around it.  The sight has become a favourite for many nature lovers and domestic visitors who come to seek the freshness and tranquillity of nature.

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