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Dzukou Valley

A major attraction in Nagaland is the Dzukou valley. This valley is tucked away at a height of 2438 m behind the Japfu ranges. The valley, also called the ‘Valley of Eternal Charm,’ manages to surprise others with the variety of trees it encompasses. The streams flowing through this valley freeze during winters. This valley adorns pink and white lilies, colorful rhododendrons, euphorbia, aconitum, and several other species of flowers and shrubs. 

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This town, which is the ancient migration route of many Naga tribes heading northwards looking for new settlements and cultivation grounds, is the home of the Rengmas. Old sites of abandoned villages with the remains of graveyards, gravestones, broken pottery etc still tell the ancient tales of the people that inhabited this town over the centuries. This offer perfect sites for archaeological tourism and preservation, but time is running out for such activities because every cycle of Jhum (Terrace) cultivation exterminates a slice of this ancient heritage.

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