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Situated in the district of Peren, this little village perched at 1950m houses a unique community where 20 per cent of an animist population dictates the customs and social rules of the majority Christians.  Now a tourist village, Benreu is a living showcase of the endangered culture of these highlanders.  With a dense wildlife sanctuary around it, a visitor can embark upon a jungle safari by staying comfortably in this authentic animist village.  If you are in Benreu, then do not forget to have Kennie Nku, the local bread made from sticky rice and prepared over a heated stone kiln.

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Place of Interest / Things to do

Mt. Paona is one of the hot spots for tourists coming to Peren district. The peak that is located 35 km from the town stands majestically along the Benreu range and is the third highest peak in Nagaland. It offers a magnificent view of the valley below where you will witness lush green forest cover, something Nagaland is known for. This place is only 6 km from the Benreu village another popular tourist destination and many people take the adventurous trekking route to this peak. Here you will come across a wide variety of plant species including Rhododendrons, Orchids and also witness different birds and animals such as Mithun in their natural habitat. Around the peak there are also several man-made stone monoliths carved by the locals over centuries which have stood the test of time. Don’t forget to drink some water from the natural water springs to have a real adventurous experience.


Dzulekie is a picturesque village situated relatively close to Kohima, but yet untouched by the rigors of modern civilization. Dzulekie, with its small population of Angamis presents an ideal location for visitors to get a feel of rural life in Nagaland. With its quaint houses and beautifully laid out stone walkways and surrounded by forests and rice fields, Dzulekie provides an opportunity to experience village life and also enjoy nature in its relatively pristine form. The village itself is small enough to walk around. It offers opportunities to observe firsthand Angami culture through the making of bamboo and cane baskets, weaving of cloth, traditional games and tasting local cuisine. The semi evergreen forests offer opportunities for bird and butterfly watching; nature walks and trekking.

Tragopan Sanctuary

Located 20 km west of Kohima, in west Angami country, Khonoma was a vanguard village of the Angami Nagas – a tribe known for its fierce resistance against British dominance during colonial period.  Khonoma houses nature’s pristine beauty in the form of its alder trees, terraces carved out of its hilly slopes and the Khonoma Nature Conservation Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS).  KNCTS conserves a large and rare variety of plants and animals within its 25 sq km area.

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