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Thenzawl is a town in Serchhip district of Mizoram is a well known center for the traditional Mizo handloom industry. It was initially a dense forest with lots of wild animals before it was inhabited in 1861. Bengkhuaia Sailo established a village in 1863 in Thenzawl. 

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Vantawng Falls

Situated about 95 km to the south of Aizawl and a ten minute drive from Thenzawl, Vantawng Khawhthla or 'Vantawng Falls' is the highest and the most spectacular waterfall in Mizoram. It is named after Vantawnga who was said to be an excellent swimmer. The height of the fall is recorded as 750 ft and though it is difficult to get close to it because of the sheer forested hillsides surrounding it, there is a viewing tower close to the falls.

Thenzawl Deer Park

Thenzawl Deer Park is recognized as a Mini Category Zoo with more than 10 hectare of open area. The Park was created to give a protected home to the deer and is a must visit place in Thenzawl. They are kept in their natural environment, and only the boundaries are protected. Tourists can visit the Thenzawl Deep Park and see these pretty animals quite close.

Pony Riding

Pony Riding at Thenzawl is an interesting activity, which is set up by Animal Husbandry department, Government of Mizoram. The rides takes place in wide open valleys where anyone can enjoy riding these ponies. There is a beautiful lake beside this pony riding facility, boats are available for anyone interested in boat riding.

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