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The District is Famous for abundant production of orange for which the district is often called “The Orange garden of Mizoram”. The dominant tribe within the District is Mizo followed by Chakma and Reang. Apart from Christmas and New Year festivals, the Mizo celebrates Chapchar Kut and Mim Kut which are festivals attributed to harvesting. Chakma celebrates their New Year festival called Biju, while Reang also known as Bru celebrates Buishu during the month of April.

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Place of Interest / Things to do
Dampa Tiger Reserve

The largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram, Dampa Tiger Reserve covers an area of 500 and is located in the north-western border of Mizoram sharing an 80km-long international border with Bangladesh. A biodiversity hotspot, it is home to an amazing variety of mammals including elephant, tiger, bear, gaur, binturong, dhole and different primates. Dampa is also rich in avifauna ranging from hornbills, wood pigeons, jungle fowls and pheasants.

Puk Zing

Literally "A Cave of Shouting Stone", Pukzing is located near Pukzing village which is to the North - West of Aizawl. A spacious cave, it has three chambers of about 4 sq.metre each connected with narrow passages. A legend goes that in the olden days the villagers used to hear evil spirits shouting inside the cave. It is also said that somewhere inside this cave, the legendary character Maurawkela hid the Magical Drum he took away from a troop of monkeys after seeing them conjure fruits by beating it.


Lungkulh is an attraction famous for its artificial lake that boasts of activities like fishing and boating. It is a brick structure that resembles a mound or a knoll. Lungkulh makes up for a beautiful picturesque location.


Saitlaw is a small town situated around 11 km away to the west of Mamit, in the north-eastern region of Mizoram. It is surrounded by the Rengdil Village in the west and Bualpui Village in the north.

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